GIS Applications with Python

Kate Beard
Room 348 Boardman Hall

Course Objectives

This course  investigates theoretical and practical aspects of GIS applications and application development using the Python programming language. The course reviews GIS models and operations, various application areas, and dependencies between models and applications, conceptual data modeling, database development, and analysis. Course requires completion of several lab exercises, presentations and class participation, and development and completion of an application project.

A. Class Sessions

  • On-campus Students: Tues and Thursday, 9:30 – 10:45 Tues & Thurs, Room 326 Boardman Hall
  • Live Broadcast: Available at http://connect.maine.edu/sie510/ Online students may view and participate in the live sessions but are not required to do so.
  • Archived Broadcasts: Links to the class broadcasts are made available at the end of each day through the Lectures and Assignments link for this course.

B. Class Assignments

  • Lab Exercises: Students are responsible for completing several lab exercises. The objective of the labs is to develop your skills with Python programming and GIS project development. We will be using ArcGIS software.
  • Application Reports: Each student will be required to present a short report on an application of their choosing.
  • Projects: The application project involves working with a client(s), conducting a requirements analysis to determine the client’s needs, specification of requirements, and development of an application prototype to serve the client’s needs.  Projects require a final presentation to the class and clients and submission of a final project report at the end of the semester.

C. Course Grading

  •    Application Report 10%
  •    Labs 40%
  •    Final Project 50%

D. Class Resources

E. Important Notices

F. Instructor Office Hours 

  • For one-on-one discussions with the instructor, E-mail to kate.beard@.maine.edu is often the simplest way to get a message through and a response. You are also welcome to call my office at 207-581-2147.
  • On-campus Students: I am in the office most days and you can send an email to set up an appointment.
  • On-line Students (Live Discussion  Sessions): An optional discussion session can be scheduled with ConnectPro, Skype or another platform if there is sufficient interest in an organized discussion session on a topic.


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