Ida Kuopalla — video transcript

So my major teaching coaching, I just always been in sports and stuff so I’m really interested in coaching and kind of giving back what I’ve learned from my sport. I think I’ve always kind of, like, been into teaching others and like helping others seeing the process of people like growing and learning new skills and being able to help them, I think it’s really cool. I think I want to go back home and to Finland and teach or then find like a coaching job, there’s not really any good like paid coaching jobs in Finland but maybe somewhere else that would be cool as well. I’ve been here for five years, so just all the people you met like every hockey game, every practice, early mornings, late nights, everything, it’s just been great. We beat Providence in overtime and it was just, we have a good crowd and it was just a special time being just Senior Day and we got the OT win so it’s was really special. I think it was it was great like coming from Finland all the way and then kind of finding a second family family here, was really it was just a great experience and you know like past and present teammates, like there’s friends for life. So just really grateful for all the people I met.