Spring 2020 Course Selection

*PLEASE NOTE: this form is only for students admitted into the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences and Explorations.

In order to be registered for spring classes, all incoming first-year students will need to complete the Course Preference Form. This form asks you to choose courses you are interested in. All courses listed on the form are open to new incoming first-year students. The Advising & Academic Services Center will prepare a preliminary schedule based on your placement exam scores, AP exams, and the information you provide on the Course Preference Form. Choosing a variety of courses allows us to put together the best possible schedule for you. We will try to honor your interest in a particular course whenever possible. Feel free to indicate under the comment section if you have a certain course(s) that you consider your first choice.

If you check Choose courses for me, we will select courses that create a balance of General Education (GenEd) categories as well as any courses required for your major.

You can view a list of course descriptions of the courses on this form in the order they are listed on this form. Please visit the Undergraduate Catalog for any other information.

If you still have questions about the registration process after reviewing the letter that was sent to you and on this site, please feel free to contact Donna Taylor-Schmidt at donnat@maine.edu, or call the CLAS Advising and Academic Services center at 207.581.1961 or 207.581.1952

Please note that this course preference form is for new students admitted to the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and Explorations only. If you’ve been admitted to a different college, please contact that college’s office. If you’re not sure which college you’ve been admitted to, please contact admissions.