What is Gradescope?

Gradescope is a grading tool that allows for more efficient grading workflows, robust feedback, and assignment and question analytics.  These features can be applied to a range of classroom configurations, and are particularly helpful for student work during remote teaching. Large enrollment courses with multiple graders may also find working in Gradescope helpful in standardizing and organizing grading efforts. 

Gradescope allows for student or instructor submitted work such as homework problem sets, worksheets, quizzes, exams, and papers.

Gradescope offers a robust, dynamic rubric tool that allows for more consistent grading, multiple graders, retroactive changes and a deeper understanding of student learning.  

In addition to the dynamic rubric graders are provided with annotation tools and detailed statistics of student performance on assessment questions. 

See how Gradescope works

What are the benefits of using Gradescope?

– Allows for assessment formats traditionally used in a face-to-face class to be easily adopted in an online learning environment

– Students are provided detailed feedback towards improvement

– Multiple graders can be used more effectively 

– Feedback is less biased 

– Dynamic rubrics allow for greater flexibility

– Question statistics

– Time saving tools such as grouping, and AI assistant grading

Gradescope & Brightspace

Gradescope is integrated with Brightspace, meaning you can sync your course, roster, TAs, and grades with a few clicks.  Read more below.

Linking Your Gradescope Course to Brightspace

Syncing Your Course Roster in Gradescope with Brightspace

Creating and Linking Assignments

Publishing Grades