Are You Ready for the Fall Semester?

The Fall Semester is coming right up! Are you ready?

Semester Refresher

Has it been a while since you’ve been in Brightspace? Check out our Semester Refresher Workshop for a quick recap on all things Brightspace. In this workshop we will do a quick walkthrough of Brightspace, talk about updates, and go over commonly ask beginning-of-the-semester questions. We have two versions of this workshop, a live version and a self-paced version. 


To register for a Live Version, Click Here.

To view the Self-Paced Version, Click Here.


Copy Course

Do you want to use materials from a previous course? You can copy items right into your new course! If you don’t want to copy an entire course, you can pick and choose which items you want to copy. After the copy, make sure that you check your items to make sure they are there and working!

  1. Go to your new course
  2. Select Course Admin 
  3. Select Import/Export/Copy Components
  4. Select Search for Offering and add the course that you want to copy
  5. Select Copy All Components or choose Select Components to pick what you want to copy

Want more information? Visit How to Import and Copy Items into a Course


Make Course Active

You will need to make your course active for students to be able to access it. Make sure that you are ready for students to access the course. Once you activate it, the course will be available immediately to students.

  1. Select Course Admin
  2. Select Course Offering Information 
  3. Select the checkbox next to Course is Active
  4. Select Save

Want more information? Visit: How to Activate a Course


Add TAs and/or others to your Course

If you are working with TAs, MLAs, or other instructors there is a chance you will need to manually add them to the class list so they can be part of your course. Follow the instructions below to add additional people to your course.

  1. Go to your Classlist in Brightspace
  2. Click Add Participants
  3. Click Add Existing Users
  4. Type the name of the person you want to add in the search box and click Enter
  5. Select which Role you want them to have (i.e. TA)
  6. Click the select box next to their name
  7. Click Enroll Selected Users


Advanced: Intelligent Agents

Do you want to make sure that students are accessing your course? Set up an Intelligent Agent to automatically monitor whether or not students are accessing the course! You can also choose to have it send an email to those students.

Want to learn more about how to set this up? Read this document: Use Intelligent Agents to Check if Students are Accessing Your Course or watch this video: Use Intelligent Agents to Check if Students are Accessing Your Course


Working with a 3rd Party Publisher?

The best way to get your 3rd party publisher tools set up in Brightspace is to reach out to your publisher representative.


Have More Questions?

Reach out to Faculty Support at to get your questions answered or to request a consultation.

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