Member Information

Present Lab Members

Postdoc and Professional Staff

  • Bowen Chang

    Marine Fisheries Partnership Coordinator

    Research: International fisheries policy and management exchange

Ph.D Students

  • Mackenzie Mazur

    Marine Biology

    Research: The past, present, and future of conservation in the Maine lobster fishery

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  • Shu Su

    Ecology and Environment Science

    Research: International Fisheries Resources Management

  • Luoliang Xu

    Ecology and Environmental Sciences

    Research: Fishery stock assessment and management; International fishery management

  • Cameron Hodgdon

    Marine Biology

    Research: Atlantic sea scallop management strategy evaluations in the Northern Gulf of Maine with a focus on spatiotemporal growth modeling

  • Hsiao-Yun Chang

    Ecology and Environmental Sciences

    Research: Effects of water temperature on fecundity of northern shrimp in Gulf of Maine

  • Nathan Willse

    Marine Biology

    Research: Spatial analysis of lobster traps across New England and the risk they may pose to Atlantic Right whales

  • Robyn Linner

    Marine Biology

    Research: Groundfish abundance and distribution in the Eastern Gulf of Maine, with a focus on Atlantic cod.

  • Shiyue Zhao

    Marine Biology

    Research: end to end modelling in the Gulf of Maine with a focus on OSMOSE as high trophic level model.

  • Jaeheon Kim

    Marine Biology

    Research:Climate change adaptation in the lobster fishery. Bioeconomic modeling of American lobster distribution and lobster fishery behavior.

Masters Students

  • Ashley Charleson

    Marine Biology and Policy

    Research: Northern Shrimp population dynamics and stock assessment in the Gulf of Maine

  • Jamie Behan

    Marine Biology

    Research:Examining non-stationary environmental effects on American lobster in the Gulf of Maine with a focus on climate change.

  • Robert Jarrett

    Marine Biology and Policy

    Research: Patterns of shifting habitat use of lobsters in the Gulf of Maine

  • Claire Ober

    Marine Biology

    Research: Scallop Survey Program Evaluation and Optimization in the Northern Gulf of Maine

Visiting Scholars

  • Ming Sun

    Research: Stock assessment with data-limited methods and MSE

  • Yunzhou Li

    Research: Marine protected areas, spatial population models, and marine policy

  • Jiaqi Wang

    Research: Fisheries monitoring, fisheries sampling design and stock assessment.

  • Yanan Li

    Fishery stock assessment

    Research: Tuna stock assessment and management, with a focus on improving stock assessments and ensure sustainable management of tuna stocks.

  • Ning Chen

    Research: Data-limited methods; Management strategy evaluation.