Are you considering a career in medicine? Did you know that majoring in chemistry is excellent preparation for medical school? If you have an interest in chemistry, there are many reasons to combine majoring in chemistry with a concentration in pre-medicine at the University of Maine.

Recent data from the Association of Medical Colleges shows that:

  • 47% of physical science majors who apply to medical school are matriculated, as compared to only 40 % of biology majors.
  • As a group, physical science majors score above the average on the MCAT while biological science majors’ MCAT scores are below average.

Data from 2003-2008 at UMaine shows that:

  • the average MCAT score for chemistry majors was 35 compared to 29 for biochemistry majors, and 26 for biology majors.
  • 100% of UMaine chemistry majors who applied to medical school were accepted.

A BS degree in chemistry with a concentration in pre-medicine provides a solid foundation in chemistry and math while allowing plenty of room for recommended courses in biochemistry, microbiology, physiology and other disciplines. In addition, all chemistry majors do research and write a thesis, which gives them a interesting story to tell at their medical school interviews. Coursework in medical school makes extensive use of chemistry; do yourself a favor by learning more of it in advance. An in-depth understanding of chemistry will serve you well as a future physician evaluating medical advances in drug therapy and treatment of diseases.

You can view a general description of the curriculum by following this link: Curriculum description for BS-premed concentration (1-31-15)  You can also see a curriculum example here: Sample curriculum for BS Pre-med conc (1-31-15)

For more information about options in chemistry please contact: Dr. Barbara J. W. Cole (; 207-581-1168) Chair, Department of Chemistry, Aubert Hall, University of Maine, Orono, ME 04469-5706. You can also stop by to discuss the curriculum in the Chemistry Department’s Main office (156 Aubert Hall).