Fifth-Year Certificate in Pulp and Paper Management

Students with a BS engineering degree can program a fifth-year extension of their undergraduate curriculum to fulfill requirements for a Fifth-Year Certificate in Pulp and Paper Management. One half of the fifth year covers basic fiber science and the engineering technology of pulp and paper production. The other half involves an elective sequence to develop special interests in process engineering, systems engineering, environmental engineering, applied computer sciences, polymer science, process control, plant design, operations economics, engineering management, business administration, and others.

Students at the University of Maine who are enrolled in a BS degree program can undertake an integrated program where the requirements of the fourth year of their basic curriculum and the additional courses of the five-year option are distributed to reinforce each other over the last two years of the five year program. The BS degree and the certificate are awarded concurrently at the end of the fifth year.

Requirements for a Fifth-Year Certificate in Pulp and Paper Management include the successful completion of a minimum of 30 credits beyond the BS degree requirements. These credits must include the courses: PPA 465, PPA 466, PPA 473, PPA 474, PPA 695 and PPA 696 unless written permission is obtained from the faculty advisor. PPA 499 may be substituted for PPA 473 or PPA 474 but not for both. The remaining credits are to be taken in courses that constitute a minor field and are usually taken from outside the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering. They are selected to enhance the career preparation of the student. A variety of elective course programs can be developed to meet individual needs of the student in consultation with and with approval of the faculty advisors so that requirements for the Fifth-Year Certificate in Pulp and Paper Management can be completed within one academic year beyond the BS degree.

The certificate program may be taken concurrently with some MS programs with consent of the academic organizations involved. However, the certificate program is a fifth-year extension of studies at the undergraduate level in those courses which are required, and courses taken for this certificate will not satisfy degree requirements for an MS program unless prior permission by the student’s graduate advisory committee has been obtained.