Douglas M. Ruthven

Douglas Ruthven Professor Emeritus

  • B.A. University of Cambridge, 1960
  • M.A. University of Cambridge, 1963
  • Ph.D. University of Cambridge, 1966
  • Sc.D. University of Cambridge, 1988

Phone: 207.581.2283
Fax: 207.581.2323

Research Interests

Fundamentals of adsorption • adsorption processes

Current Research

  • Micropore Diffusion

In small pores of molecular dimensions, the mechanism of transport of guest molecules is quite different from that which prevails in larger pores. Steric hindrance and electrostatic interactions become important and, as a result, under favorable circumstances, very large differences in diffusivity may be observed between similar molecules. This provides the basis for “molecular sieve” separations, which are increasingly exploited in the petroleum, petrochemical and associated industries. Present projects include detailed studies of diffusion of the xylene isomers in silicalite crystals and comparative studies of sorption kinetics in liquid phase and vapor phase adsorption systems.

  • Rapid Cycle Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) Processes

One way to increase the throughput of an adsorption separation process is to increase the feed rate and decrease proportionately the cycle time. However, the success of this approach is limited by the pressure drop/mass transfer characteristics of the adsorbent contactor which, for a traditional packed adsorbent bed, are not very favorable. A parallel passage contactor with sufficiently small spacing between the adsorbent layers shows a more favorable balance between pressure drop and mass transfer resistance. Novel methods of producing such contactors are being studied and their performances tested in a rapid cycle PSA rig.

  • Recovery of Methane from Low Grade Natural Gas

There are numerous deposits of low BTU natural gas containing nitrogen at concentration levels that preclude direct transfer to the pipeline system. Present processes for removal of nitrogen are not cost effective but adsorption appears to offer a promising alternative approach. The challenge is to find an adsorbent with a sufficiently high selectivity for nitrogen relative to methane.

Selected Publications

  • Books and Book Chapters

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  • Selected Papers

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