General Information

For the safety and well-being of our clients and guests, food and beverages, which have not been consumed, are not permitted to be removed from a catered event. For all functions not attended (delivery or pickup) it is the responsibility of the customer to provide proper storage of food items prepared by University of Maine Catering.

Food items from other sources cannot be brought into Wells Conference Center or any University of Maine Dining location.

Items may not be attached to walls, floors, ceilings or windows at events which take place in Wells Conference Center.

Alcoholic Beverages Service & Policy

Alcoholic Beverage Service

All alcoholic beverages served under the UMaine Catering liquor license requires our bartenders to:

Request proper photo identification
Refuse to serve any person who is 21 and/or fails to provide a photo ID
Refuse alcoholic beverage service to any person who, in our judgment, appears to be intoxicated

Liquor License

UMaine Catering, under Maine State Law, cannot serve alcoholic beverages without a valid liquor license. The cost of the use of the license is $15.00. Generally, UMaine Catering will service events only on campus with a liquor license; arrangements should be made fourteen (14) days prior to the event for this service.

NOTE: Student groups must have prior approval through the Alcohol and Drug Education Programs Office prior to serving alcohol at events.

Alcoholic Beverage Service

Service Charges

Delivery and Miscellaneous Fee

There is no delivery fee for events scheduled on campus Monday through Friday between 7:30am and 4:30pm.

UMaine Catering reserves the right to add an additional charge for attendants for the delivery of a buffet over 25 people, which includes hot food.


Delivery Fee – On Campus before or after the Hours of 7:30am-4:30pm

$10.00 or 5% of order if over $200.00, whichever is greater.

Delivery Fee – Off Campus

$26.00 or 12.5% of order if over $200.00, whichever is greater.


Weekend Delivery Fee – On Campus

$31.50 or 15 % of order if over $200.00, whichever is greater.


Weekend Delivery Fee – Off Campus

$52.50 or 20 % of order if over $250.00, whichever is greater.

*Events scheduled on all University holidays or Administrative Days will be assessed holiday rates

Our hours of service are between 7am and 7pm. If you require services outside of these hours, an additional fee may be assessed.


Off Premise Fee

For meal functions that take place outside of Wells Conference Center, a surcharge will be applied. Rates will vary depending on the facility and the function.

*Rental of tables and chairs are the responsibility of the client


Open Flames and Sterno

For your guests’ safety, an attendant may need to be present, if University of Maine Catering deems necessary, at all events that require open flames or sterno.

Appropriate attendant fees will apply..


Personnel Labor Fees

Wait staff fees are included in the price for Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner Service. Attendants for Receptions and BBQ’s will be billed at the following rates for the amount of time required to service your event (this includes set-up and break-down time).

Wait staff and/or Attendants (3 hour minimum) $25.00 per hour
Bartenders (3 hour minimum) $25.00 per hour
Cooks (2 hour minimum) $30.00 per hour
UMaine Catering will determine the number of personnel needed for an event based on the type of event.


Food & Beverage Arrangements

Reserve a Room

To reserve space in Wells Conference Center, please call


Function Times

In the planning and timing of your event, the following guide is followed for standard services. Should the event begin and/or end later than planned by 30 minutes, the customer will be charged an additional fee.

Receptions 1 hour
Bars 1 hour
Served Meals 2 hours
Buffet Meals 2 hours (1 hour of Buffet Service)

Guarantees/Lead Time

It is advisable to plan as far in advance as possible. Please call to schedule your event no less than ten business days ahead of time. At the time the function is booked, please provide the following information: date, time, location of event, group/organization, estimated count, type of service, and account number. We require the final guaranteed count five business days before the event.

The final cost for billing purposes will be based on the guaranteed number supplied by the customer or the actual count on the day of service, whichever is greater.

Dietary Restrictions

If you have an attendee with special dietary restriction, we ask that you please provide us this information at least three business days in advance in order for University of Maine Catering to accommodate the needs.

Additional surcharges may apply.

Emergency Requests

UMaine Catering will make every effort to accommodate last minute requests. Events planned with less than three working days’ notice require special considerations. Menu selections may be limited and based on availability. A minimum surcharge of 15% may be added to the approved emergency request.

When planning your event less than 5 business days in advance, menu items may be limited to the following selections:

Snacks and Pastries
Continental Breakfast
Cold Hors d’oeuvres
Cheese Tray, Fruit Tray, Vegetables & Dip Tray
Cold Luncheon Selections

Function Cancellation

When it is necessary to cancel an event, please notify us as soon as possible. Any event cancelled three business days prior to the date of the event or later may be charged the food cost for the event.


Menu prices reflect the current rate and may be subject to change. Guaranteed prices for both service and menu items can be quoted 30 days in advance of the event. Exceptions to the 30-day quote are for those items based upon the day’s market price.

Prices for food service include the meal itself and any standard services provided for the event. Please add 8% sales tax to the price unless the ordering organization is tax exempt (a tax-exempt certificate must be provided prior to the event).

Service surcharges may be assessed for any special services provided beyond the actual meal.

Billing and Payment

Accounts numbers need to be provided at the time of order for all internal billing. If an organization does not have an account number, it will be assumed that they are to be billed as an outside organization. The 8% tax will be assessed without a copy of the tax-exempt certificate.