Departmental Services

Media Services (for audio visual needs)

Fogler Library, 581-2500

“Media Service provides equipment and instruction on its use to University students and faculty. The equipment is intended for short projects and classroom presentations. For any other technical equipment or service you may require, contact us. We may be able to provide help.” (taken from the AV Services brochure)

Equipment Available:

  • LCD projectors
  • Laptop Computers
  • Projector Screens
  • Slide Projectors
  • Overhead Projectors
  • Tape Recorders
  • Microphones
  • Tri Pods
  • Portable Sound Systems
  • Digital Still camera
  • Digital Video Cameras
  • Color Monitors
  • VHS & DVD Players

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Memorial Gym & Alfond Arena Reservations

To inquire about the Memorial Gym please call Ranee Dow (Administrative Assistant-Memorial Gym) @ 581-1074. Please note that you will need to hire a custodian to clean up after your event.

To inquire about Alfond rentals please call Betty Fadrigon (Administrative Assistant) @ 581-1096. Please note that if the hockey team is in season, you may need to pay for the bus rental and ice time for the team to practice elsewhere.

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Bonfire Permits

Campus Activities, 581-8325

All bonfire requests begin in the Campus Activities & Student Engagement Office with CASE staff. You must first come in, fill out a form which will include the date of event, time of event, location, how you will start the fire (plain wood, paper and matchsticks) and how you plan to extinguish it. You will then sign a waiver of responsibility and these will be faxed to the Orono Fire Department and Public Safety. You will be given a form to bring to the Orono Fire Department the day of the event and your ability to have a bonfire will be contingent upon Orono Fire Department’s decision.

Remember to notify the Campus Activities & Student Engagement Office several days in advance.

For more information stop by the Campus Activities & Student Engagement Office, 1st floor Memorial Union or call 581-8325.

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Memorial Union Reservations

Within the Memorial Union are rooms for group/organizations to use for meetings and programs. There is also the option of reserving a table in the Union to promote an event/fundraiser your group or organization might be doing.   When reserving a room please know the dates, times and approximate number of people that will be using the room.

To inquire about how to reserve a room or table please call Nancy Morin at 581-1406.  You need to provide details of all equipment you will need for your event.  Audio Visual equipment should be reserved through MEDIA SERVICES, Fogler Library (207) 581-2500. You will be responsible for picking up and returning items to Media Services. 

To reserve the North Pod (carpeted lounge area by the Marketplace seating) please contact Jodi Munster at 581.4724.

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Buchanan Alumni House Reservations

Kathy Hill, Buchanan Alumni House Manager, 581-1176

Located just off College Avenue on campus is the Buchanan Alumni House. This building offers space for groups to hold special events. Use of this building may require the payment of a rental fee depending on time & day of event.

Some spaces include:

McIntire Maine Event Room:

Seats up to 120 people at tables or 160 people theatre style offers a large screen, cable TV, VCR, DVD/CD player, projector, & Grand Piano. Setting is formal and private.

Rental fee: There is no charge if used during the normal business hours. The rental fee is $400.00 (for the first 4 hours and $100.00 per hour thereafter) for 5:00 p.m. on. This fee includes the use of the room (no kitchen use), its equipment, including the sound system, tables, & chairs, as well as post-event clean up fees.

Note: This room may not be booked more than three months in advance.

The Courtyard may be used by student groups at no charge during the daytime building hours but will be subject to a $400 rental fee for events that run after hours. This is only a summer rental option and is an open courtyard.

The Andrews Leadership Hall can seat up to 30 people for meetings or a luncheon. Setting is neither formal nor private.

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Motor Pool

Michael Hambrock, 581-2645

Motor Pool vehicles book up extremely quickly, so please plan ahead for these requests.  Please give at least 2 weeks notice if you are in need of renting any vehicle. Rentals are not for your own personal use but rather for that of your group/organization. If you have not already been licensed to drive Motor Pool vehicles and would like to be, call Mike Hambrock to set up an appointment.

Please visit the Motor Pool website for downloadable forms, regulations, and pricing.

For more information on getting licensed or for any other further questions, contact the Motorpool at (207) 581-2645.

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Campus Activities & Student Engagement Office

The Campus Activities & Student Engagement Office is a great resource for programmers. Here you can get contracts for your organization reviewed and a list of the appropriate signators for your event.  The Campus Activities & Student Engagement Office is located in room 149 of Memorial Union.

Contact us


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University of Maine Police Department

For events expecting attendance in excess of 50+ people and all outdoor events groups/departments must complete an Event Management (EM) Form.  These events may require you to hire a police officer for the event.   The approved Event Management (EM) form will tell you if you need to hire officer(s).  The current cost of hiring an officer is $40.00 per hour. University Police Department will need two (2) weeks notice for hiring officers for events.  All events where alcohol is present will require police officer(s).  Contact the University Police department and ask to meet with Chief Roland LaCroix (207) 581-4053 to discuss your event after you have received the approved EM form.

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Electric Shop

Phil Albert, 581-2664/2663

Need electrical power for an event? The electric shop can provide you with the following services:

  • Electrician workers’ labor fee is $27/hour (subject to change).
  • A generator- this is free of charge. There is a charge for the cost of fuel and for two workers to deliver and pick it up ($27/hr in labor charges).
  • Free use of  extension cords.

Electricity is available on the mall by South Stevens, Little Hall North End.


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Reserving Classrooms

Classroom reservations can be made by contacting the e-mail below:

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Grounds & Facilities Management


This department provides chairs (metal, folding, non-padded) and tables (30 x 8ft.),  at a fee.  Please contact their office for more information.

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Tel-Com (for cell phones for student use)

Lorelei Kennedy, 581-1609

Office staff may rent a cell phone out for $7/day plus usage for a maximum of two weeks for their group/organization’s need.

*Please note that whoever picks up and rents out the phone needs to be a staff member (such as an advisor).

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Hauck Auditorium, Minsky Recital Hall & the Pavillion Theater Reservations

Frederick “Birdie” Sawyer, 581-1781

Contact Birdie Sawyer for space availability, facility fees and policies. These spaces are consistently used by the School of Performing Arts and may not have a large number of available dates.

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 Catering Services

Dawn Taylor, 581-4718

Prices and availability of these services are always changing.  Call for information on booking these rooms and ordering food or alcohol services through catering.

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Collins Center for the Arts & Bodwell Lounge Reservations

Stesha Cano, 581-3351

Groups & organizations may rent the Collins Center for the Arts for their event. For a list of fees and answers to specific questions, see or call Joe Cota at the CCA.

If your group wishes to use the Bodwell Lounge (3rd floor of CCA) they may do so at no charge during normal business hours. Evenings and weekends will incur a fee of $50.00 per 4-hour session and will require also paying an hourly rate for a CCA employee to be present in the building during the event. Visit the CCA website at

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University Volunteer Ambulance Corps (UVAC) & Fire Marshals

UVAC offers their services for free, for more information call 581-4017. To inquire about Fire Marshals and associated fees contact Orono Fire Department at 866-4000.

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Campus Advertising

Attention: The News Flush will be changing its formatting and process starting the month of October, 2018! Please see below for more details.

Are you looking to reach the UMaine student population? Want to reach Memorial Union visitors and patrons? Would your department like to advertise with us? GREAT! We have  options for your office that will help you reach the campus!

Campus Activities Advertising Options:

  • Memorial Union Electronic Boards: There are televisions throughout the Memorial Union that act as electronic advertisements.  Submit these requests to Kenda Scheele.  Advertisements must be landscape orientation and jpeg files.
  • The News Flush: a monthly publication posted on CASE’s Facebook and twitter pages, printed and displayed in Memorial Union.

News Flush Formatting:

The News Flush will now be a monthly publication. When you submit an ad for an event you’d like to be featured in the News Flush, we now ask you to submit a concise-as-possible blurb about the event. Omit needless words.
If you aren’t particular on a graphic, we’d be happy to take the text you submit and make it look aesthetically pleasing and fitting for the Flush!

If you are particular about making your own graphic, you’re welcome to submit one:

  • The size should be roughly 1.5″x2″ portrait
  •  .pdf or .png is preferred. If you can send an .ai or .psd file, that would allow the designer to tailor it to fit the calendar exactly — if you can do this, this will provide a more streamlined look.
  • Please keep in mind that this will print as 1.5″x2″, so make the important info big and legible!
 News Flush Deadlines:
Please submit your information/ad no later than the 24th of the prior month.
For example: we will be implementing this monthly design starting October, so that means if you have an event you would like to advertise for October, please submit it by Monday, September 24th. For example, for November’s News Flush, please submit November ads by Wednesday, October 24th.
You can email Arthur Hubbard or fill out this form:
CASE Social Media:
You are still welcome to submit more traditionally sized ads like previous ones, and we can post those on CASE’s Facebook and Instagram page. Good standards for best viewing is portrait 8.5″x11″ for Facebook, and a square for Instagram that is at least 1080px by 1080px.


Email info to: Arthur Hubbard



Tips for advertising:

  • Sidewalk Chalking can only be done on sidewalk areas throughout campus.
  • Banner in the Atrium, call  581-1760 or stop by the Info Booth for clearance.  Groups are responsible for creating their own banner.
  • Announce it in class (with your professor’s permission), bring flyers to class, or write the info in the corner of the chalk boards.
  • Take out an advertisement in the student newspaper, The Maine Campus. For costs, please contact The Maine Campus.
  • List your upcoming event in the Maine Campus Community Calendar for free. For more info contact The Maine Campus.
  • Reserve a table to sit at in the Union, call 581-1406 or stop by 315 Memorial Union for more information or to sign up.
  • Hand out flyers. (Using unusual colors or sizes of paper catches people’s attention.)
  • Post on the Bulletin Boards in the Union, outside the Union, Library, Classrooms. Please see campus posting policy for guidelines.
    • Public bulletin board locations: Neville hall (cork board), Lord Hall (cork board), Shibles Hall (cork board), Little Hall (cork board), Barrows Hall, Bennett Hall, & Library
  • WMEB, the UMaine radio station, does Campus Announcements, call the Music Office 581-4341. WMEB also does remote location broadcasting.
  • Word of mouth: Your own excitement may be the best publicity for your event!
  • Contests and giveaways will attract people to your event, be sure to include this information on all posters/flyers/etc…
  • Utilize a variety of methods when advertising. Posters may reach the biggest audience, but using other kinds of advertising will make your event stand out.
  • What should you include in ALL of you advertising? Event title, date, time, location, admission costs, contact information, sponsor(s) name, and a brief description of the event.

Residence Hall Posting Policy

University departments and campus student organizations may submit signs or posters to be posted in the residence halls and villages by dropping off materials to the Office of Residence Life, 3rd floor Memorial Union. Non-University sponsored events may not be posted within the residence halls and villages.

Please follow these guidelines for posting materials:

1. All materials must include specific times and dates of the event and phone number of a contact person(s).

2. Please allow staff up to 72 hours to post your materials. Local restaurants providing delivery service to campus residence halls and villages may distribute delivery menus to resident students through the Office of Residence Life. Menus will be placed in lobbies for access to students. NO door-to-door sales, solicitation or posting is allowed, with the following exception: Student Election Candidates – Candidates for Student Senate and the Residence Hall Association may apply for a permit for the candidate and one resident student escort to campaign door-to-door. Persons in the hall without appropriate reason and posting signs may be considered trespassing. Persons who do not follow the above guidelines may jeopardize future access to posting in residence halls and villages.

Planning an Event

Here are some things you should do when you want to plan an event on Campus

Do you have a potential date and some back up dates?

  1. Did you determine a potential date (make sure to have a back up in case of conflicts)?
  2. Have you filled out an Event Management form? CLICK HERE TO FILL OUT OUR EVENT FORM
  3. Have you outlined a budget you will need for the event?
  4. If you need financial support you will want to submit a request to the Program Fund and/or UMSG, Inc.
  5. Reserved your event spaces?
  6. Secured co-sponsors and/or volunteers for the event? Co-sponsoring with a student organization or a department will help spread the work around, and get you the volunteers needed to get the job done.
  7. Developed a plan regarding the number of volunteers needed and what you would like them to do?
  8. Effectively advertised for your event/program? (Make sure your volunteers are aware of building posting policies)
  9. Looked over specific policies for your event?
  10. Hired a custodian for clean-up (if necessary)? Contact Facilities Management at 581-4400.
  11. Contacted the Electrical Shop if you need their services? Please call at least two weeks prior to your event.
  12. Rented tables, chairs, staging, lighting, sound, equipment, etc. (if needed)?
  13. Rented equipment from vendors (i.e. inflatables, dunk tank, etc.). Does that company carry liability insurance? (you need to make sure they do, ask for a copy of their certificate).
  14. Had contracts reviewed and signed by the Campus Activities and Student Engagement Office or Student Government
  15. Secured lodging, special meals, and transportation for the vendor/performer?
  16. Requested checks for the vendors/performers?
  17. Paid the royalties on the movie you will be using at your event? See the “Showing a Movie on Campus” section of this website for more information.
  18. Ordered/bought decorations for your event?
  19. Written thank-you notes to volunteers?

Student Concerts and other Large Events Policy

  1. All student groups requesting space (indoor or outdoor) for entertainment purposes, guest speakers, or similar events, where a contract is executed in the amount of $2000 or more, or where the expected attendance is 600 or more, must secure in writing approval for the use of this space from the Director of the Campus Activities and Student Engagement office. This authorization must be received before any commitment, contractual or otherwise, may be made.
  2. The Department of Public Safety is responsible for the security at concerts and other large events and is therefore the lead agency in planning and supervising that security, Security hired by concert organizers and student security volunteers are responsible to the Department of Public Safety.
  3. University of Maine Public Safety will work with private security vendors to manage the audience in front of stages. “Mosh pits” are not allowed.
  4. Alcohol is not permitted at University student concerts or other such events.
  5. Carry-ins, including backpacks, are not allowed at concerts and other such outdoor events.
  6. Volume levels must be in compliance with municipal noise ordinance requirements. Concert planners are reminded that the stipulations of this ordinance change after 11:00 p.m. The ordinance is available in its entirety from the Office of Campus Activities.
  7. Attendance at events is restricted to individuals 18 years of age or older, or college students with their institutional state-issued I.D.

For more information contact the office of Campus Activities and Student Engagement (581-8325).

Showing a Film

To show a film for entertainment purposes on campus your group must obtain permission from the copyright owner or obtain a license.  By renting your movie from SWANK Motion Pictures or a similar company who rents to college campuses you are buying the license to show the movie to a group. Federal Law prohibits the public showing of any copyrighted materials including movies you own or rent from retail vendors. Prices to rent a movie from SWANK ranges from $350-$800 depending on the movie’s release date and its popularity. Please visit the SWANK Motion Pictures website or call 1-800-876-3344 for more information.

For more information on copyright infringement, please click on the link.

Privately owned or rented movies still require the purchase of a copyright license.

Rooms may be reserved in the Memorial Union or in many classrooms to show a movie. Equipment to show a movie, such as TVs, LCD projectors, and DVD systems should be requested through AV Services in Shibles Hall.

Coca-Cola Campus Activation Fund
Application Criteria

  1. Recognized or approved campus groups or organizations may request support from the Coca-Cola Activation Fund in the form of product, flyers or signage to help promote student-focused, university-sanctioned events. The event must be open to the general student body in order to be considered for support.
  2. Requests are reviewed by the Activation Fund Committee. Applications for support should be received a minimum of three (3) week s in advance, using the application below.
  3. Products cannot be resold.
  4. Campus groups or organizations must be in good standing with the University in order to apply for funding. Applications from individuals cannot be accepted.
  5. All unused product must be returned to the Coca-Cola distribution facility in Bangor within 48 hours of the conclusion of the event, or call 942-5546 to arrange pick-up.
  6. In some instances, the entire product request may not be granted. Approved groups may purchase the balance of their request at a reduced rate (subject to availability).

Campus Activation Fund Application

To request product or for more information, please contact Andrea Gifford (


Funding Options

Program Fund

Andrea Gifford, Andrea Gifford, Assistant Dean and Director of Student and Administrative Support Services581-1406

The Program Fund Committee provides funds for recognized student groups to sponsor campus-wide events and programs. If your group has an idea for an event but lack the money to put it on then these funds are for you! More than $40,000 is available for program expenses such as speakers, film rental, bands and musicians, promotion and advertising costs. In addition $23,000 is available to groups to cover 80% of the expenses associated with set-up costs provided by University employees and for campus facility rental. Groups must apply for these funds prior to their event and present their application to the Program Fund Committee at one of their meetings.

Applications are due one day prior to the committee’s meeting and can be picked up at the Division of Student Affairs Office.

For paper copies of this application and for more information see Andrea in the Student Affairs Office, 3rd Floor, Memorial Union.

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Student Government, Inc.

UMSG Website

Pam Rideout, Administrative Assistant of Student Government Inc., 581-1778

Only recognized clubs that have final approval from Student Government may request funds. Applications for funding requests are available in the Student Government Office, ground floor in the Wade Center for Student Leadership.  For more information about how your group can become a Student Government recognized club email the current VP of Student Organizations.

All requests under $1000.00 are decided upon by the EBC

All requests over $1000.00 are determined by the Senate at their meeting.

* Funds under $1,000.00 can also be subject to approval by the Senate as well.

The current VP of Financial Affairs will email you and let you know the status of your funding request.

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