Career Center Privacy Policy

The University of Maine Career Center is committed to protecting the privacy of your personal information.

The Career Center contracts with NACElink Network to provide University of Maine students and alumni with job listings, the on-campus recruiting system, and resume services. Please refer to the NACElink Privacy Statement for technical details and a description of the site.

Use of Personally Identifiable Candidate Information by the
University of Maine – Career Center

  • Through NACElink, known as CareerLink at University of Maine, students and registered alumni can post resumes, view and apply for jobs, and schedule on-campus interviews. The information in a candidate’s profile is used by the Career Center for job-search advising, promoting programs and services, notifying candidates of employment opportunities, and referring qualified candidates to employers.
  • Only the resumes of students and alumni who have given permission to have their resumes released to employers are shared with prospective employers.
  • Resumes are selected based on objective, legally-permissible requirements.
  • Employers do not have access to view information or resumes directly from CareerLink unless students or alumni apply to a specific position or submit a resume to an Opt-In Online Resume Book.

The Career Center may conduct searches on resumes and candidate profiles to notify candidates of educational or employment opportunities through email communications. By entering data into CareerLink, students and alumni may have data included in aggregate reports used for evaluation of employment activities, educational programs, reports developed for institutional studies, and salary surveys.

NACElink cannot use or sell individual candidate data. Unlike commercial vendors, NACElink staff cannot look at individual candidate data.


Personally identifiable information is protected both on and offline. The data of students, alumni, and employers are password protected. NACElink has technical, administrative, and physical security measures and safeguards in place to protect against the loss, misuse, or alteration of information under NACE’s control.

Students and alumni should contact the Career Center if they have any concerns about the use of their information. Students and alumni can view, correct or change their information by logging into their account on CareerLink.