Beware of Job Scams

This is a reminder to be aware of potential job scams.

Here are some common ways/ tips to detect a potential job scam:

  • Someone could be posing as a legitimate company. However, the contact name/ email is fraudulent and they do not actually work for the company;
  • The contact uses a free personal email; such as hotmail, yahoo, or a gmail account, rather than an official corporate/ organization email address;
  • The language of the email from the employer, and description of the position, is not clear;
  • A “bait-and-switch” position is when the follow-up to your application is for a job title different from the original job title which you applied to.
  • When any monetary transactions are involved; you should never have to pay for the promise of a job opportunity, and employers typically will not send you any money in advance of beginning work;
  • Do not cash or deposit any large sums of money received as an advance;
  • If you are asked to send any payment by wire service or courier, do not send any payments;
  • Do not provide your credit card or bank account numbers to potential employers;
  • A high pay rate for doing very little work should cause you to pause and conduct further research;
  • If you receive a job offer very soon after applying to the position, especially prior to an actual interview, and the employer only communicates by email;
  • If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

If you encounter any of these things, please save all documentation and any email communications with the employer/ potential scammer, and contact the Career Center staff.

Watch this video:

When in doubt, please report your concerns and consult with the Career Center staff, at 207-581-1359.