Change of Directorship at the Canadian-American Center at UMaine

Dr. Stephen Hornsby, who has been the director of the Canadian-American Center for over 30 years, has passed the torch as Director, and will focus on his role as Professor of Anthropology and Canadian Studies. Dr. Hornsby’s impact goes well beyond the Canadian-American Center and the University of Maine. He has established himself as a world-renowned scholar, while ensuring the operation of the Can-Am Center, coordinating its activities, and establishing it as one of the leading institutes for the study of Canada in the United States. He consistently managed to secure funding for the Center, which has provided financial support for students and faculty for three decades. All his collaborators can testify to his qualities as a leader, his dedication to research, and his passion for knowledge.

Associate Professor of French, Dr. Frédéric Rondeau, will be replacing him as the Director of the Canadian-American Center, leading the campus in teaching, research and outreach in Canadian Studies.  He will also direct a National Resource Center on Canada, funded in part by the U.S. Department of Education Title VI program in International and Foreign Language Education. National Resource Centers respond to the ongoing national need for individuals with expertise and competence in world languages and area or international studies. The National Resource Center at UMaine funds in part graduate student research in Canadian Studies and acquisition of French language skills, as well as faculty research.