2014-2015 Graduate Awards Announced

The Canadian-American Center would like to announce the following graduate students who have been awarded a graduate award for the 2014-2015 academic year:

New England/Atlantic Provinces-Quebec Fellowships

  • Michael T. Perry (History, Ph.D.)
  • Rebecca White (History, Ph.D.)

Canadian-American Center Fellowships

  • Jesica Waller (Marine Biology, Ph.D)
  • Rachel Snell (History Ph.D.)
  • Dan Soucier (History, Ph.D)

Foreign Language and Area Studies Awards

  • Carol Blasi (History, Ph.D.)
  • Sarah Domarecki (Canadian Literature, I.Ph.D.)
  • Jennifer Guay (History, Ph.D.)
  • Gabriel Levesque (History, Ph.D.)

Alice Stewart Award

  • Greg Rogers (History, Ph.D.)
  • Elisa Sance (History, Ph.D.)

The Canadian-American Center would like to congratulate all graduate award recipients!