Black History Month Celebration

This month we celebrate Black History Month! The Aquatics Department is highlighting Black Swimmers and Black triathletes that have been and continue to be role models in the industry.

Week 1

Use the links below to read more about black swimmers, black triathletes, and the racial disparities that exist in aquatics and triathlons.

DAY 1 – Read CDC facts on drowning rates:

DAY 2 – Read about the racial history of pool access:

DAY 3 – Watch Skylar and Noah speak about Black Kids Swim’s Gorée Project

DAY 4 – Watch Learning to Swim is a Human Right:

DAY 5 – Listen to “If the top kids can’t go, how can you deem it a championship”–how-can-you-deem-it-a-championship–A-conversation-with-the-mother-of-an-elite-age-group-swimmer-eovq54?fbclid=IwAR0yAWQRlT8UnThNwnugCJP7psYPg0fvXoTL1guKp7K8funpxQcfcmMq0jE

DAY 6 – Read about Black Triathletes:

DAY 7 – Watch a Senior Citizen Synchronized Swim Team:

Week 2


Week 3

Week 4