About Me:

“I am a trainer who has led a healthy lifestyle for as long as I can remember. I am very passionate about fitness and that helps me to help you. My focus is solely on the goals of the client whether they are weight loss, muscle gain, or other specifics. Skilled in various forms of workouts including weight-training, circuit-training, HIIT, body weight exercises, and cardiovascular training. All of which could be utilized to help you reach your goals. I understand that body transformation is a long process and I am here to help you enjoy it and motivate you to reach the results you want. I have a malleable personality so I can crack down and be strict when you need it, but also relax and be supportive as well. We can talk about which style works best for you.”

Skills & Certifications:

  • KPE: Athletic Training Major with a background in Exercise Science and Teaching/Coaching
  • Cardio Sport Certified
  • 3rd year Snowboarding Instructor