About Me

  • I strive to help my clients to create long term healthy lifestyles by assisting them with whatever their goals may be.
  • I go to the gym on a daily basis, it is one of my passions but I realize for some going to the gym is a hassle so I will do my very best to switch up the workouts and make them as fun as possible!
  • It is very important to me that the client is comfortable with their workouts, but is also working hard. I want to make sure everyone feels like they can come to an environment to better themselves without feeling uncomfortable.
  • Strength training is a passion of mine, so I try to incorporate that quite a bit, but doing cardio, HIIT training, circuits or
    flexibility are also exercises I like to work on.
  • I will always adhere to the needs or goals of a client and I am always here to help!

Skills and Certifications

  • Food Science & Human Nutrition Major.