About Me

  • My goal is to motivate clients to develop healthy habits and achieve personal goals via fitness. I do that in a way that is enjoyable,encouraging and challenging.I am available to work with a variety of ages and fitness levels.
  • I specialize in strength training but will use a variety of training methods with clients, and can tailor workouts to suit individual needs and preferences. Training will always focus on injury-prevention.
  • I want to use my passion for fitness in a positive way that helps those seeking a healthy lifestyle reach their goals. Whether you want to lose weight, gain muscle, increase cardiovascular endurance, train for a sport, feel healthier, or all of the above, I am here to help!

Skills and Certifications

  • ACE certified Personal Trainer
  • Majoring in Kinesiology and Physical Education with a concentration in Exercise Sciences
  • 3 years of experience in resistance training and some CrossFit-based training
  • I have been involved in fitness and heath for most of my life
  • *Rehab Personal Trainer