Student Rec Center Fee Waiver/Retraction Requests


Recreation Center Fee – This fee supports the Rec Center debt service, equipment maintenance and replacement, and operation of the Student Recreation Center. It includes access to the Student Recreation and Fitness Center and The Maine Bound Adventure Center. This fee also includes unlimited Level I adult group exercise classes, Intramural Sports and Sport Club participation. Also included are reduced program fees for specialty fitness programs, Maine Bound Trips and courses, equipment rental, and other programs.

This fee will be assessed for all credit hours taken at the University of Maine regardless of class structure or individual use of Rec Center facilities. Fee retractions are possible for distance/remote students living greater than 35 miles from the Orono campus.

Additionally, per UMS policy, students who are spouses/dependents of UMaine faculty/staff can not be granted a fee retraction based solely on their spouse or parent already having a Voucher Pass.

You must request a fee retraction request for each semester in which you would like to be considered for one. Requests are reviewed only after the add/drop period is over for each semester (which is about 2 weeks after classes start). Requests will be reviewed/processed in the order in which they are received.

To avoid late fees, you must pay your student bill in full (including the Rec Center Fee) before the due date, even if you have submitted a fee retraction request. Requesting a Rec Fee Retraction is not a guarantee that you will receive one, and late fees can not be waived.

If your Recreation Center Fee Retraction request is approved the retraction will be applied to your bill by the Bursar’s Office as a separate line called “Rec Center Fee Retraction”. You will not receive any other notification of the status of your request. If this retraction is processed after your bill is fully paid then the Bursar’s Office will generate a refund. If you do not see a retraction within a reasonable period of time after the add/drop period is over that means your request was not approved.

If you would like to be considered for a Rec Center Fee Retraction, please fill out the form below.