Mahaney Dome Policies

Activities Permitted in the Dome

Generally, almost any recreational or sports-related activity is permitted in the Dome. However, for safety reasons, there are some activities and/or equipment that are prohibited in the Dome during open recreation times.

Prohibited Activities for Safety Reasons

  1. Golf
  2. Playing lacrosse w/lacrosse balls
  3. Batting baseballs/softballs

Additionally, there are some activities which can occur in the Dome when they are the only activity in the Dome.

Exclusive Use Activities for Safety Reasons

  1. Field Hockey
  2. Baseball/Fast Pitch Softball
  3. Lacrosse

Most often, there will be more than one activity in the Dome at one time. During Intramural Sports, Sport Clubs (Clubs), and Open Recreation times, a Campus Recreation supervisor will be in the Dome to help manage space to ensure safety and maximum use of the field.

Access + Food/Water

  1. Any member of the UMaine community may use the Dome during Open Recreation hours by simply presenting their MaineCard to the supervisor upon entry.
  2. The main entrance to the Dome is on the west side (the side closest to the Fieldhouse)
    1. Other doors are for emergency use only so please enter and exit by the west door.
  3. Shoes are required (no bare feet)
    1. To keep injuries to a minimum and to protect the new turf, only clean sneakers, rubber cleats, or turf shoes are permitted. no steel cleats)
  4. There are no drinking fountains in the Dome but water will be provided by Campus Recreation
    1. Sport drinks, personal water bottles, and other beverages cannot be permitted in order to keep the area clean and free of pests
  5. Food, gum, sports bars or gels, and similar products are prohibited for the same reason
  6. The Dome is an alcohol and tobacco-free facility

Sportsmanship and Stewardship

  1. Good sportsmanship is a hallmark of UMaine students. Being considerate of others, playing fair, being mindful of safety, and respecting opponents and this great facility are part of being a good sport.
  2. Please be sure to report all accidents and injuries to the Campus Recreation Supervisor or the SMART Responder (first aid person).
  3. The Dome is a wonderful addition to the UMaine campus. It is important to take good care of it so that it can be enjoyed by students and employees for years to come.
    1. Be sure to report maintenance problems to Campus Recreation ((207) 581-1051).
    2. Please also report any vandalism to the Campus Recreation Supervisor or to UM Police ((207) 581-4040).
  4. All user of the Dome must follow the direction of the CR supervisor.
  5. All users should be aware of their impact on others experience and safety and adjust their play to maximize the safety and participation for all.
  6. Spitting is not permitted in the Dome
  7. Pets are the best, but no pets in the Dome please

Support Facilities

  1. The Dome has no bathrooms or locker rooms.
  2. For these services, please use the Memorial Gym.


  • Since the Dome is a new facility, ideas, comments, and suggestions would be very helpful.
  • Please complete a comment card outside Room 140 Memorial Gym or send an email to David Mahan of Campus Recreation.