Mahaney Dome

mahaney dome

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Mahaney Dome Open Recreation

Closed from May through September. Closed on Breaks and Holidays.
From First Friday After Fall Break through Spring Semester End:
Fridays 8:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m.

The Mahaney Dome is a tremendous campus resource. Generally, almost any recreational or sports-related activity is permitted in the Dome. However, for safety reasons, there are some activities and/or equipment that are prohibited during open recreation times. During Intramural Sports, Sport Clubs (Clubs), and Open Recreation times, a Campus Recreation supervisor will be in the Dome to help manage space to ensure safety and maximum use of the field. Most often, there will be more than one activity in the Dome at one time, but there are some activities which can only occur in the Dome when they are the sole activity.

Prohibited Activities for Safety Reasons:

  • Golf

Exclusive Use Activities for Safety Reasons:

  • Field Hockey
  • Baseball/Fast Pitch Softball
  • Lacrosse

Mahaney Dome Policies

Use of Campus Recreation Resources for Unaffiliated Organized Activities:

Campus Recreation facilities, equipment, and other resources may only be used for personal recreation and fitness.

Campus Recreation facilities, equipment, and other resources may not be used for coaching, personal training, instruction, or other similar purposes unless conducted by 1) Campus Recreation employees as a part of their employment, or 2) by entities authorized by the Campus Recreation Associate Director.

Any other organized activities must be approved and scheduled by the Campus Recreation Assistant Director for Operations.