January 26: Having difficulty with WebTrac, or with enrolling for a Time Slot?

If you are having difficulty with WebTrac, or with enrolling for a Time Slot, please refer to the information below.
There are some great tutorial videos and instructions located at umaine.edu/campusrecreation/webtrac/ so if you haven’t looked there yet please do. We’ve spent a lot of time curating answers to the most common questions, so you’ll help the fastest by looking there first.
If your issue is specifically regarding logging in, be sure to try clicking Forgot Username or Forgot Password before reaching out to us for help. Enter the “primary email address” on your household’s account, and either your Username and/or a link to reset your password will be sent to that primary email address. Be sure to check your Spam folder if you don’t receive it promptly. If you are a UMaine student or employee, your primary email address and your WebTrac Username will both be your @maine.edu email address.
  • “Membership not matched” – you don’t have a membership under this account, please call 207-581-1082 during business hours for help.
  • “This email address is used on more than one account” – Your email address is listed on more than one account (which may mean you have a duplicate account and that’s where your membership is). This error will prevent you from being able to request a reset of your WebTrac password. Call 207-581-1082 during business hours for help.
  • “Potential duplicate found” –  There is a potential duplicate person or household record already in our database. Send an email to umcrec@maine.edu and indicate that you need duplicates merged.
  • “Session not found.” – Your WebTrac session has timed out. You’ll likely see this one if you requested a link to reset your password, then didn’t click the link within the 30-minute window.
If you still need help after referring to these resources, please call 207-581-1082 during the hours the Rec Center is open (click here to view facility hours) and our staff will help you. If you can wait a few days for a response, you are welcome to reply to this email. It is monitored only by one staff member and the volume of emails is high enough that there may be a significant delay in any response.

Thank you,
Campus Recreation