August 31: Workout Reservations for Rec Center Begin This Week

On Wednesday September 2nd we will begin accepting reservations to work out at the Rec Center. Reservations can at that point be made for Friday September 4th and beyond. Drop-ins will continue to be accepted after that date if we are not at full capacity.

Reservations will be accepted no more than 48 hours in advance and for no more than 1 reservation per day per person. The reservation system will be hosted on WebTrac. If you are not familiar with it, you will find a tutorial page at … scroll down on that page for a video that specifically addresses this signup process.

PLEASE NOTE: To make this process easier for everyone, we have attempted to reset ALL WebTrac UserIDs and Passwords to Usernane=Email and PW=Lastname. Please try that combination – and also try using the FORGOT USERNAME and RESET PASSWORD buttons – before contacting us for help.

webtrac splash page