June 8: Reopening Update

We are as eager for the Rec Center to reopen as our students and other members are. In the reopening process, we are guided by both the State of Maine Checklist and by the UM System’s directives, which means we will open sometime after July 1. We are also working with the University Emergency Operations Center to develop our Safe Return to Campus plan. As soon as we know a more specific opening date, we’ll share it with our members on our website and social media. Meanwhile, our staff are working every day on the planning and preparation process so that we may open as soon as possible.

Please note that the Rec Center, when open, will be different for some time to come. We will have reduced hours, social distancing guidelines, and new procedures in place to ensure everyone’s safety and well being. Some areas will not be open in the beginning stages, some services will not be available, and some activities may be limited. These details will be shared when we are able to post our official reopening announcement.