NEW for UM Students/Employees/Alumni: Access online workouts from 40+ schools via 2020 Recreation Movement portal!

UMaine Joins Riddle & Bloom, TikTok, and College & University Partners to Launch “2020 Recreation Movement”

Stay Active Together, Even When We’re Apart

(Boston, MA) Riddle & Bloom, in collaboration with TikTok, NIRSA, and 40+ Colleges and Universities, is proud to launch the 2020 Recreation Movement on April 6, 2020. This virtual fitness program connects university students, faculty, staff, and alumni from across the country to offer opportunities for self-care and a sense of community during these uncertain times.

The 2020 Recreation Movement is an online initiative encouraging participants to remain active during the COVID-19 quarantine through daily online fitness challenges and workout classes, as well as individual exercises including walking, running and hiking. University recreation center directors, students, and instructors from participating schools will be sharing a variety of live and recorded workout classes on from April 6, 2020 through May 3, 2020. Classes include yoga, boxing, cardio, HIIT, conditioning, and more and are recorded and streamed using the TikTok video sharing platform.

Registered users participate live or complete archived classes from 40+ different colleges and universities across the country through the website. Users log their active minutes per workout through the site; minutes are then combined by school and displayed in a leaderboard showcasing each school’s performance. Each week the top 5 individual student participants are rewarded for their engagement in the program.

The 2020 Recreation Movement helps the community of students, alumni, university staff and faculty remain positive and healthy. Staying active together, even when we’re apart.

Our non-UM-affiliated members and patrons may still participate in our own online offerings, which can be found at!