Frequently Asked Questions

When I turn my TV on, there is no picture. What do I do?

  • Confirm that all connections are secure
  • If able, access your TV’s menu and search for a “scan” or a “channel scan” option. (This often has an automatic setting, although, sometimes channels need to be added manually).

 What do I do if I don’t have the cable to connect my TV to the cable outlet?

  • If you didn’t bring one from home, you can purchase a high quality, yet inexpensive coaxial cable from the Bookstore in the Memorial Union.
  • You may feel free to use any cable TV (75 ohm) coaxial cable that is in good condition

 The channels come in, but are not clear.

  • Confirm your connection to the cable outlet is secure
  • Try bypassing extra devices by connecting directly to your TV.

Why am I only receiving Channels 2-13?

  • An important part of the television set up is selecting the correct “type” of channels. This is done by using the menu option of your television, usually under “tuner” or “auto-tune” section. For proper operation you must select the “Cable” or “CATV” option; do not use the “antennae” or “off-air” option. Please note that most all TVs default to the antenna or off air option after being unplugged or after a power failure. Run the autotune function to be sure you get all of the available channels.

Are there HD options?

  • Unfortunately, not at this time due to technical limitations but we hope it can be offered in the future.

How do I fix it if there is no audio or a foreign language on some channels?

  • Televisions are equipped with a “second aurial processor” or SAP. If you are getting a undesired second language it is because the SAP is turned on for your set. You can shut this off if you wish through the menu function of the TV.