Cable Set Up Guide

How do I connect my Television?

When you move into your room you should find a wall plate that has two network jacks (for your computers) and one CATV jack.

  1. You will need a cable jumper to connect from the wall jack to your television or additional video equipment (DVD or Blu-ray player, game deck, etc). If you didn’t bring one with you, they are available at a discount price through UMaine’s bookstore at the Memorial Union.
  2. Plug the cable jumper from the wall jack to the back of your television.
  3. Turn on your television and check for service between Channels 2 and 13.
    1. If there are no pictures then go back through and double check the first steps
    2. If still no pictures connect the cable jumper directly to your television (to bypass any additional equipment).
  4. Most televisions will return to a factory set-up after power has been removed (unplugged to travel to school). To get service above channel 13 you must:
    1. Through the “menu” you go to the “channel set-up” selection and insure you are in the “cable” or “CATV” mode; “antenna” or “air” mode will not work when connected to any cable systems.
    2. Please note that the terms or menu selections are different on every different make/model of TV.
  5. In order to receive the full package of channels available you will need to go into your televisions options and run a channel scan. A remote control may be necessary to access your televisions menus. If you don’t own one or need batteries for one, they may be purchased at UMaine’s bookstore.
  6. Keep in mind that your channels 2 through 73 are standard definition and not of HD quality. If the picture is snowy or distorted you may call in for assistance from Technology Management at 207.581.4371.