Undergraduate Student FAQs

Undergrad FAQs


What are Core Requirements in the Maine Business School? What grade must I receive in them?

The Core Requirements are the courses where you must receive a grade of C- or better to complete the course. Courses in this section MUST be retaken if you get a D or lower and include: MGT 101, BIS 105, ACC 201, ACC 202, BIS 235, MGT 220, MKT 270, MGT 325, MGT 337, MGT 343, FIN 350, MGT 449.

Other courses that require an earned C- or better include: ECO 120, ECO 121, MAT 115/116/126, STS 232, and PSY 100.

MBS requires a 2.0 cumulative GPA in business and economics courses. Any other required course where an F is earned must be repeated.

How do I take a course at another institution and have it transfer to the MBS?

Domestic Study Away forms MUST be filled out before registering for a course(s) at another institution. You can come to DPC 213 to pick up a form or download it here. Complete the form, attach a course description of EACH course you are registering for, and bring it to DPC 213 for processing.

The MBS Official Policy for studying away at another institution is that students wishing to take a course or more at another institution must have prior approval from the Undergraduate Office of the MBS. This policy is for the protection of the student to ensure that courses taken away will count toward their program of study at UMaine.

Can I double major in Business (i.e. Major in both Finance and Marketing)? How do I declare a double major in Business?

Yes. You can double major in the business school. The 15 credits for the second major will use up 15 free elective credits. You can even major in MBS and choose a double major outside of the Maine Business School. The process differs depending on what majors you are choosing. Your academic advisor can help you declare a double major and make sure you are enrolled in the correct amount of credit hours.

How can I drop a class after the refund period has passed?

After the first 2 weeks of school (after the drop for a full refund date), students can no longer drop courses themselves on MaineStreet. A reminder email is sent to everyone at that time. Business students should email their advisor, and they can drop the course for you.

After the course is dropped, you have the option to complete the Student Retroactive Refund Appeal form. The student must complete this form and attach a statement as to why they did not drop the course in the allotted time. Both forms should be turned in to DPC 213 or emailed to mbs@maine.edu.

ENG 101 is not a Business school course, why do I need to earn a C or better?

A grade of C or better is required in ENG 101, or it must be retaken. This is an English Department requirement.

What math courses should I take as a Business major?

All Business Majors must take either MAT 115 or MAT 126. Business Majors must also take Statistics (either STS 215 or STS 232). If you are a psychology double major or minor, we also accept PSY 241.

I want to enroll in a summer class. How do I get my pin number?

Students do not need a pin number to register for Summer Courses. If you have any questions regarding summer courses, you should contact the Division of Lifelong Learning (DLL) at 207-581-3143 or Wanda Long at 207-581-3414.

DLL runs the Summer University (including May Term Classes) and is the main point of contact for any issues or questions regarding registration.

I still have questions! Who should I contact?

Please contact: mbs@maine.edu / 207-581-1997.