Richard Borgman, Ph.D.

Dr. Richard H. Borgman is Professor of Finance at the University of Maine. He received his PhD in Finance from the University of Florida after working for Dominion Bankshares Corporation, a multibank holding company. He also has a Master’s degree in English. Prior to coming to the University of Maine, he was a visiting assistant professor of finance at the University of Notre Dame. Dr. Borgman’s research has centered on financial institutions and asset management, although he has pursued interdisciplinary research opportunities related to marketing, knowledge sharing, trade agreements, and the financial crisis. He has 24 publications in Financial Decisions, Journal of Business and Economic Perspectives, Journal of Financial Education, Journal of Behavioral Finance, The Case Journal, Journal of Business and Economic Studies, American Business Review, Commercial Lending Review, Credit and Financial Management Review, Canadian Journal of Latin American and Caribbean Studies, OR Insight, Amfiteatru Economic, Journal of Financial Services Marketing, Journal of Small Business and Enterprise Development, among others.

He teaches courses in corporate finance, international finance, and financial institutions, and has led three graduate student trips abroad (Japan, Vietnam, UK and Ireland). He has twice served as Director of Graduate Business Programs as well as Interim Associate Dean in the Business School. He was the recipient of the University of Maine’s Presidential Outstanding Teaching Award (2013). From the business school he was awarded the outstanding teaching award (2011), outstanding service award (2004, 2019), and outstanding research award (2011, 2012).

Dr. Borgman’s experience bridges academics and business. His business roles included, in the past, general manager of a chain of bookstores and project and product manager for a large regional bank holding company. Currently he is a member of the Board of Directors of the University Credit Union (Orono, Maine) and serves on the State of Maine Treasurer’s Cash Pool Investment Advisory Committee. He was a researcher on special purpose entities and Enron’s use of special purpose entities for an expert witness in the Enron litigation (2005).

Dr. Borgman’s CV


Ph.D., University of Florida (1994)

Teaching Areas

  • Financial Institutions and Markets
  • Financial Management/Corporate Finance
  • International Finance

Research Interests

  • Financial Institutions and Markets
  • Asset-backed Securities
  • Portfolio Management
  • Security Valuation
  • Mutual Funds Fees
  • Microfinance


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