Matthew Hodgkin

Matthew Hodgkin is the Commercialization Program Professional and Innovation Lecturer at the University of Maine. He teaches the Fundamentals of Innovation course and coaches faculty, staff and students on their ideas. He also assists with the Maine Innovation, Research, and Technology Accelerator (MIRTA) to help faculty form commercialization strategies around their research. Originally from a small town in Connecticut, Matthew came to the University of Maine and received an undergraduate degree in Animal and Veterinary Sciences with a minor in Innovation Engineering, and later a master’s degree in Food Science and Human Nutrition.


  • M.S., Food Science and Human Nutrition, University of Maine (2019)
  • B.S., Animal and Veterinary Sciences, University of Maine (2015)

Professional Certifications

Innovation Engineering Black Belt

Teaching Areas

Innovation (INV 101, 121)

Research Interests

Innovation and Creativity


Hodgkin, M., Chan, L., Perry, J., Purseglove, S., Bolton, J. “A novel image cytometry-based Lactobacillus bacterial enumeration method for the production of kettle sour beer” Journal of the Microbiological Methods. 177, September 2020.