All MBS students are assigned a professional academic advisor who helps with everything from guidance in completing general education requirements to help in declaring a major. Advisors can also connect students to additional resources for support, services, and referrals for academic success.

Undergraduate Advising

The MBS Undergraduate Programs Office is located on the 2nd floor of the D.P. Corbett Business Building (Room 213) and is open 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM Monday through Friday for walk-ins or by appointment.


To schedule an appointment with your academic advisor, click the button below, login with your UMaine credentials, and select “Business Advising Center.”


Academic Advising Updates

Enrollment Information!

Undergraduate students, regardless of year or major, will need an Enrollment Pin to register for classes. 

Graduate Students should email Meghan Gardner with questions regarding class registration.

Graduate Advising

The MaineMBA Programs Office is located on the 2nd floor of the D.P. Corbett Business Building (Room 213) and is open 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM Monday through Friday for walk-ins or by appointment.

Online MaineMBA students who are assigned a UMaineOnline advisor may also work with the MBS Academic Advising Center. To schedule an appointment, click the button below.


Student FAQs

What are ‘Core Requirements’ in the Maine Business School? What grade must I receive in them?

The Core Requirements are the courses where you have to receive a grade of C- or better to successfully complete the course. Courses in this section MUST be retaken if you get a D or lower. (BUA 101, 201, 202, 220, 235, 270, 325, 337, 343, 350, 449)

Any required course in the business school MUST be repeated if you receive a failing grade (example: ECO 120, PSY 100 etc.: if you receive an F in an elective (example: ERS 103, ANT 101 etc) you don’t have to retake that course. You can take another elective to replace the failed course (the failed grade is still figured into the GPA). It is highly recommended, however, that you repeat any course you fail as it will have a positive effect on your GPA. NOTE: MBS requires a 2.0 cumulative GPA in Business and Economics Courses.

How do I take a course at another institution and have it transfer to the MBS?

Domestic Study Away forms MUST be filled out prior to registering for a course(s) at another institution. Even if you are only taking one (1) course together with courses here at UMO, you need to complete a Domestic Study Away Form. You can come to DPC 213 to pick up a form or you can download it from our Student Resources page, complete the form, attach a course description of EACH course you are registering for and bring to DPC 213 for processing.

The MBS Official Policy for studying away at another institution is that Students wishing to take a course(s) at another institution must have prior approval from the Undergraduate Office of the MBS – this policy is for the protection of the student – to ensure that the courses taken away will count towards their program of study at UM. UM students with junior standing or higher can only earn credit for first and second year courses offered through two-year colleges/programs.

Can I double major in Business (i.e. Major in both Finance and Marketing)? How do I declare a double major in Business?

If a student is a double major in two (2) business majors (i.e. Finance and Marketing), the student needs to complete 30 credit hours of courses to fulfill BOTH majors. However, only 15 credits are put into Part C Major Field on the MBS requirement sheet (i.e. Finance) and the students’ credits for marketing courses are put into free electives.

For Accounting Double Majors, you would have 18 credits in Part C Major Field on the MBS requirement sheet and 12 credits put into free electives. They would still be required to complete an additional 3 credits to have the full 15 credits for the second major.

How can I drop a class after the refund period has passed?

After the first 2 weeks of school (after the drop for a full refund date) students can no longer drop courses themselves on Mainestreet (reminder email sent to everyone at that time).  If you are a business student, you can go to DPC 213 and fill out a schedule adjustment form (add/drop form) and we can drop the course for you.

If you’d like, you can complete a refund appeal form. You must complete this form and attach a written statement as to why you did not drop the course in the allotted time. Both forms should be turned in to DPC 213. YOU MUST DROP THE COURSE(S) BEFORE THE APPEAL CAN BE FILED. You cannot wait to see if the appeal is granted and then decide whether or not to drop the course.

ENG 101 is not a Business school course, why do I need to receive a ‘C’ or better?

A grade of C or better is needed in ENG 101 or it has to be retaken. This is an English Department requirement.

I am an Honors’ Student. How do the Honors’ courses work into my curriculum?

Honors courses can be used to cover several General Education Requirements as well as the Capstone, with permission from the Associate Dean. Here is what the Honors’ Course of Study.

  • HON 111 = English elective and Western Gen Ed
  • HON 112 = ENG 101 and Cultural Diversity & Int’l Perspective GenEd
  • HON 211 = Artistic/Creative Expression Gen Ed
  • HON 212 = Population and Environment Gen Ed
  • HON 498/499 = can replace BUA 449 (with permission)

If a student has already taken their English elective or ENG 101, the Honors courses are an outside elective. If the outside electives are complete, then they are free electives. The honors sequence does not replace any other courses except what is designated above.

What math courses should I take as a Business major?

All Business Majors must take either MAT 115 or MAT 126. Business Majors must also take Statistics (either STS 215 or STS 232).

If you are a psychology double major or minor, we also accept PSY 241.

I want to enroll in a summer class. How do I get my pin number?

Students do not need a pin number to register for Summer Courses. If you have any questions regarding summer courses, you could contact Continuing Education: Wanda Westley on FirstClass or call 207.581.3414.

Continuing Education runs the Summer University (including May Term Classes) and are the main point of contact for any issues or questions regarding registration.

How do I create and validate my wish list in MaineStreet before class registration begins?

There is a certain time before registration that a student can generate a wish list and then a certain date and time when the student can validate this wish list, which means they can see if the course is open and if they meet all prerequisites. Validating a wish list and registering for those courses on the wish list are 2 separate things.

When it becomes the student’s turn to register, those validated courses on the wish list are NOT automatically sent through. The student still has to go in and register for each of those courses on their wish list.

I still have questions! Who should I contact?

If you have any questions regarding your academic progress within the Maine Business School or University of Maine, you should contact one of our Professional Academic Advisors. They are here to help you! Whether it’s to help you decide on a major that best fits your career path, help you map out which courses to take, talk about resources available to help you succeed in your academic career, or discuss strategies to help you during your time at the Maine Business School – our Professional Academic Advisors are available to meet with you and discuss any issues you may have.

To make an appointment with a Professional Academic Advisor, stop by DPC 213 and speak with either Jody Loper or Jenny Scott. Or, you can use the buttons above to schedule an appointment via Appointlet.