MBA Courses

Required Courses

Required MBA Core Classes (24 credit hours):

  • BUA 601 – Statistical Analysis and Modeling for Organizational Operations
  • BUA 605 – Creating & Capturing Value in the Digital Economy
  • BUA 609 – Financial Statement Analysis
  • BUA 620 – Law, Business and Society
  • BUA 626 – Management of Contemporary Organizations
  • BUA 645 – Special Topics (Managerial Marketing)
  • BUA 649 – Management Policy
  • BUA 651 – Financial Management

Note: All classes will be available at least once per year online.

Elective Courses

Select two courses (6 credit hours):

  • BUA 561: Knowledge Management & Decision Support Systems
  • BUA 596: International Field Study
  • BUA 645: Special Topics; Business
  • BUA 653: Investment Management
  • BUA 668: Electronic Commerce
  • BUA 695: MBA Internship
  • BUA 698: Independent Study

Note: Not all elective courses will be offered online.

Expect the World, From Anywhere In It

The University of Maine Online MBA can be taken from virtually anywhere in the world as long as students have a sufficient internet connection. However, we strive to have an engaged program in which our distance students interact with the professor and the campus students and work with these students on projects.

Thus, it is not a completely asynchronous program in which students do not interact real-time with the professor and potentially other campus students. Some classes require synchronous participation of varying degrees. For instance, at times distance students will have to be online at specified times (always at night, eastern U.S. time). For some classes this is weekly; for others the synchronous requirement is less frequent. And many classes have no synchronous component.

Our faculty are cognizant of the requirements of working professionals, and understand when work occasionally interferes with class presence. But the student must be aware that a class interactive presence will be required for some courses.

Our online MBA program follows the same coursework as the “Essential MBA” – designed to provide students with superb leadership, management, and analytical skill sets with a background in finance, accounting, and global engagement for the competitive work environment.

The Maine Business School is accredited by AACSB, the most significant accreditor of business schools.  

The foundation for the program (prerequisites) consists of courses in accounting, economics, and statistics. Some applicants will already meet some or all of these requirements. For those who do not, the University of Maine offers accelerated online courses in accounting (BUA 400) and economics (ECO 410) for students without prior courses in these areas. Students may take a statistics course from the University of Maine or elsewhere (online is available). Once matriculated, we offer non-credit tutorials in finance, marketing, and management for those who need these. 

For more information about UMaine Online Programs, please visit the UMaine Online Website.