Graduate Business CertificateGraduate School of Business

The Graduate Business Certificate program is designed for students interested in gaining advanced skills in business.  This Certificate provides professional-level education in advanced business topics such as Finance, Management, or Business Law. 

The Graduate Business Certificate program is offered 100% online. For many students, the Certificate serves as a pathway toward admission to the MaineMBA; graduate-level courses taken in the Certificate may transfer to the MaineMBA, upon admission. 

MaineMBA Curriculum

Students should choose three (3) courses from the MaineMBA core curriculum:

  • Statistical Analysis and Modeling for Organizational Operations (BUA 601)
  • Creating & Capturing Value in the Digital Economy (BUA 605)
  • Financial Statement Analysis (BUA 609)
  • Law, Business and Society (BUA 620)
  • Management of Contemporary Organizations (BUA 626)
  • Managerial Marketing (BUA 645)
  • Management Policy (BUA 649)
  • Financial Management (BUA 651)

To ensure that all Graduate Business Certificate students have a foundation of core business concepts, prior coursework with a grade of B- or better in financial accounting, managerial accounting, microeconomics, and macroeconomics is required. Student without prerequisite work will take two additional online courses to fulfill the prerequisite requirements. These courses are:

  • Intro to Managerial and Financial Accounting (BUA 400)
  • Intro to Micro and Macroeconomics (ECO 410)




Admission Requirements

All applicants should submit:

  • Completed online application
  • Contact information for two professional recommendations
  • Transcripts of all previous college or university work
  • $65 application fee

International students will also submit:

International applicants should also review the Office of International Programs page for more information on Visas, financial statements, and other requirements, or to contact an international student advisor. International three-year degree holders are considered for admission to the Graduate School of Business. All applicants are considered on a case-by-case basis. Three-year degree holders are encouraged to apply.

Additional Information

Professional Recommendations

Recommenders should be able to comment on your academic strengths, work ethic, responsibilities, accomplishments, career advancement, managerial experience, or ability to be successful in the MaineMBA.

Application Fees

Application fees are waived for:

  • Graduates of University of Maine System Schools
  • Veterans of the US Armed Forces
  • Fulbright Scholars
  • Participants in select programs (eg. IRT/McNair)
Need-based application fee waivers are not available.