Graduate Assistantships (GAs) are designed to provide on-campus students with opportunities to take part in real-world business research, teaching, and projects while taking full-time courses. Graduate Assistantships are awarded competitively based on academic merit, unique or specialized skills, and/or other criteria. Assistantships are awarded as academic-year contracts, beginning the first day of the fall semester and ending at the close of the spring semester. 

To Apply:

After fully submitting the application and supplemental materials for MBA admission, prospective GAs may then apply for an assistantship. To be considered for a Graduate Assistantship with the Graduate School of Business, please email the following:

  • A detailed current resume or C.V. 
  • A cover letter outlining what skills and qualities make you an ideal candidate for the assistantship or how the assistantship will contribute to your educational journey. 


Work and Compensation Details:

GAs in the Graduate School of Business work in teaching, research, or administrative capacities, depending on the needs of the faculty and department. A typical GA appointment might entail aiding a faculty member on their academic research and occasionally assisting them in the classroom. In exchange for 20 hours per week of work, GAs receive:

  • A  stipend of $16,500 per academic year, paid monthly. 
  • 18 credits per year of tuition coverage
  • 1/2 of your UMaine-issued health insurance cost covered

Graduate School of Business assistantships do not typically extend through the summer, as MaineMBA students are encouraged to explore internship opportunities over the summer months. Assistantship recipients are not eligible for departmental scholarships. 

Graduate Assistantship FAQs:

For full information regarding graduate assistantships, visit the University of Maine Graduate School website.

Are there other (Non-MaineMBA) assistantships available?

Yes, GA positions are offered throughout campus. Visit the Graduate School website for a full listing. 

May I apply to more than one assistantship?

Yes, like applying for a job, you may apply to a MaineMBA assistantship and other departments’ assistantships at the same time. However, you may hold only one assistantship at a time. 

When will I find out if I received an assistanship? 

The admissions committee will meet on or before March 1st to make assistantship decisions. Students will be notified via email soon thereafter. 

When will I be required to work?

You and your supervisor will determine an appropriate schedule during regular working hours and around your class times.  On rare occasions, GAs are requested to work outside regular hours for special events, VIP visits, recruitment and graduation activities, etc.  

Do I get Holidays/ Spring break off? 

You will meet with your supervisor to determine what is appropriate for your position. 



When do I get paid?

GAs are paid monthly on the last workday of the month. The first stipend check will be received at the end of September.  

Do I have to reapply each year? 

GA contracts are issued for one year. A continuing GA may be renewed without reapplying, if continued funding is available and their work and academic performance meets standards. Graduate Assistantships end when the student graduates. 

Do assistantships cover books or fees? 

Graduate assistantships cover tuition only. The student is responsible for educational costs outside tuition. 

Are international students eligible to apply for assistantships?

Yes. MaineMBA assistantships are available to both domestic and international students. 

Are part time or online students eligible to apply for assistantships?

Assistantships are available for full-time, on-campus students in Portland and Orono only. 

I didn’t receive a MaineMBA assistantship in my first semester. May I apply for a later semester? 

Yes, current full-time students are encouraged to apply!