First-Year Experiences

Join the Maine Business School for a truly unique experience

Incoming first-year students to the Maine Business School have an exciting opportunity to have an adventure that combines in-class research, community building, and residential connection.

For the first time this fall, our incoming students are invited to take part in one of our two Research Learning Experiences and live in our Business Living Learning Community in Somerset Hall.

Students will move into their rooms a week early, meet friends, and set a foundation to succeed in their first semester. Start your college experience right and join one of our two business RLEs!

What is a Research Learning Experience?

A Research Learning Experience (RLE) is an experiential learning-focused course where you learn through asking questions and solving problems.

You have the opportunity to join ONE of our two RLEs.

Learn more about UMaine’s Research Learning Experiences on their website.

What is the Business Living Learning Community?

First-year business students who participate in our RLEs will TAKE OVER two floors of Somerset Hall. Our Business Living Learning Community offers students a community outside of the classroom. Here you will find students with common interests who are taking some of the same classes as you! We’ll have some special programming throughout the year and look forward to getting to know you better. Students who join our RLEs will automatically be placed in our Living Learning Community. Click here to learn more about the Living Learning Communities at UMaine.

How do I sign up?

It’s easy! To join please click the button above. The registration deadline is June 23, 2022 and applicants will be accepted on a first-come-first-served basis. We only have 60 spots for each experience, so register early!