Scott Anchors

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331 DPC
Maine Business School
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Scott Anchors, Ph.D. is a lecturer in management and leadership at the  University of Maine and recieved the 2010 Excellence in teaching award by The Maine Business School.   Previously, he served as Executive Assistant to the President at the University of Maine, and worked for over two decades in various Student Affairs positions at the University of Maine, Mercer University, Auburn University, University of South Florida and Iowa State University.   Additionally, he had teaching appointments at all of these institutions.

Scott is committed to helping students, managers, individuals and teams to be more effective.  During his career he has worked internationally as an leader, educator, administrator, consultant, trainer, manager and team member in a variety of settings, including profit and non-profit.  He is also is a career and organizational consultant and uses the MBTI and other approaches to helping individuals and groups be more effective.   In 2009 he received the distinished Gordon Lawrence Award by the Association of Psychological Type International for his contributions to the constructive use of psychological type and the MBTI.  He has conducted research on a variety of topics related to management, student life and personality theory, resulting co-authored in two books on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator.    He has also authored two books on student housing and residential life .

Passionate about water sports, Scott enjoys surfing, whitewater and sea kayaking.   Scott is also a Registered Master Maine Guide, American Canoe Association Certified Sea Kayaking Open Water Instructor and enjoys leading trips in Maine’s rivers and coastal waters.



Ph.D., Iowa State (1987)



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Recent publications

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