Dr. Niclas Erhardt

Dr. Niclas Erhardt is the Interim Dean of Undergraduate Programs and Interim Associate Dean for the Maine Business School. He oversees the 1,200+ students located at the Undergraduate School of Business in Orono, Maine. He is also an Associate Professor of Management, NCAA Faculty Athletics Representative, and a Faculty Leadership Fellow.

Dr. Erhardt received his Ph.D. from the School of Management and Labor Relations at Rutgers University. He holds a BS degree from the School of Industrial and Labor Relations at Cornell University. He also holds two MS degrees in Industrial Relations from Iowa State University and Rutgers University. Dr. Erhardt works closely with a number of firms across various industries focusing on Human Resource Management issues, driving creative teamwork and managing workplace dynamics.

Dr. J. Michael Weber

Dr. J. Michael Weber is the Dean of the Graduate Programs at the Maine Business School. He oversees the 100+ MBA and Certificate students within the Graduate School of Business, located in both Portland and Orono.  He is also a Professor of Marketing. Prior to his service at UMaine, he served as a senior associate dean and professor of marketing at Mercer University.

Weber has a more than 20-year career in academia, with significant experience in graduate program development and growth. He received an MBA from the University of West Florida and a Ph.D. in business from Louisiana State University. He also has held faculty positions at the University of West Florida, University of Miami, Barry University and Eastern New Mexico University.