Dr. George Violette, Ph.D.

Dr. George Violette, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Accounting



Maine Business School
University of Maine
5723 DP Corbett Business Building, Room 325
Orono, ME 04469-5723

Ph.D., Arizona State University
MBA, University of Maine

Teaching Areas:

  • Principles of Financial Accounting
  • Federal Taxation of Individuals
  • Tax Policy and Administration


George Violette is an Associate Professor of Accounting at the University of Maine. Dr. Violette received his PhD from Arizona State University, and his MBA from the University of Maine. He has previously taught at the University of Massachusetts, the University of Southern Maine, and most recently, Wake Forest University. His area of teaching specialty is in taxation, with courses covering individuals, business entities, and tax policy. Dr. Violette’s research has been published in many journals, both academic and professional. His current research includes issues concerning student education, training, and internships as well as accounting firm recruiting and hiring.

George is a Maine native and a huge New England sports fan, closely following the Red Sox, Celtics and Patriots. George is also a fan of craft beers and enjoys exploring local breweries and beer pubs. He also loves to play golf, and spend time with his wife Judy hiking, exploring national and state parks, and walking on ocean beaches.


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