Students are required to have a minimum of a B- in all prerequisite courses whether taken at UMaine or other accredited, undergraduate schools and must have the following UMaine or equivalent prerequisites completed prior to (recommended), or concurrently with the MBA application:

  • BUA 201: Financial Accounting
  • BUA 202: Managerial Accounting
  • BUA 270: Marketing
  • BUA 325: Management
  • BUA 350: Finance
  • ECO 120: Micro Economics
  • ECO 121: Macro Economics
  • STS 215 Statistics or STS 232

For graduates of bachelor’s degree programs only, The Maine Business School offers three tutorials as an alternative to coursework as qualifying prerequisites in Management, Marketing, and Finance.  A minimum grade of B- (80%) is required for each tutorial.   To register for the Management and Marketing tutorials offered through UMaine’s Blackboard or to receive detailed instructions on how to access the Harvard Finance tutorial, please contact Jackie Blackwell, Administrative Specialist, at 207-581-1973 or

Download the detailed instructions:

Graduates of a bachelor’s degree only are eligible to take two accelerated courses to meet the requirements of BUA 201/202 and ECO 120/121 via:

  • BUA 400 Intro to Accounting (offered online summer at UMaine)
  • ECO 410 Micro/Macoeconomics (offered online fall at UMaine) – on case by case basis, may be taken concurrently with an MBA course for accepted MBA candidates

Accounting MBA Only:  Candidates must also have the following UMaine or equivalent prerequisites:

  • BUA 301 Intermediate Accounting 1
  • BUA 302 Intermediate Accounting 2
  • BUA 305 Cost Accounting
  • BUA 310 Auditing
  • BUA 312 Federal Taxation of Individuals