Designed to provide in-depth financial knowledge, skills, and abilities.  Ideal for students preparing for the CFA exam and/or careers in banking, investments, or finance related positions.

The MBA Finance Concentration is 39 credit hours.

Required MBA Core Classes (21 credit hours):

BUA 601 – Statistical Analysis and Modeling for Organizational Operations
BUA 605 – Creating & Capturing Value in the Digital Economy
BUA 609 – Financial Statement Analysis
BUA 620 – Law, Business and Society
BUA 626 – Management of Contemporary Organizations
BUA 651 – Financial Management
BUA 649 – Management Policy

Plus the required experiential courses (6 credit hours):

BUA 596 – International Field Study
BUA 695 – MBA Internship or BUA 641 Group Consulting Project

Plus, the Finance Required Courses (6 credit hours):

BUA 652: Management of Financial Institutions
BUA 653: Investment Management

Plus two Finance Electives (6 credit hours): 

BUA 455: International Corporate Finance (only one 400 level allowed)
ECO 524: Advanced International Finance
BUA 654: Futures & Options
One MBA General Elective