Internship Story: Lucas Ronco at Renewal by Andersen

As a rising senior studying Marketing and Sport Management, Lucas Ronco wanted to put his skills to the test with a summer internship. “I went to the UMaine Career Fair at the rec center, and while looking for internships, I ended up finding a full-time position for Proximity Marketing at the Renewal table,” he says. During the interview, he asked if the position could be developed into an internship. “After taking a few weeks to devise a plan for how this would work out, I was finally hired on as the first intern for Renewal by Andersen of Greater Maine.”

Why did you choose to intern at Renewal by Andersen?

I wanted to gain experience and practice the fundamental skills in marketing and sales that I learned in the classroom. Going out into the field and talking with homeowners face-to-face provides a connection that can not be done digitally. Renewal by Andersen is also a well-renowned company within the area and has made me feel like part of the team since day one. 

What are your tasks? 

My main task is to generate leads for the company by going door to door and talking with homeowners to address their problems with their windows and doors. I help them set up an appointment to have one of our design consultants visit, dive deeper into their issues, and show the homeowners how we can help solve these problems. Along with this, I also have shadowing opportunities within the marketing department. Some tasks include working at a marketing event to gain leads, helping the social media team with their content, meeting with the companies we have sponsorships with, sitting in on department meetings, and going out to shadow our business-to-business team when they talk with clients.

What do you like most about your internship?

I like connecting with others in my desired field and gaining knowledge from them to help further my expertise. There is a lot to learn about marketing and sales, and I am grateful this internship provides me with lessons in both. 

What are the biggest challenges you face as an intern?

I have never worked in a corporate environment before, so this was definitely a change for me. Thankfully, Renewal has helped me adjust to this type of environment, and I feel much more confident. Another challenge I faced was being the only intern in the company. With me being the first intern at Renewal, the company and I have both slowly developed this internship to make it how it is today. 

What are some things you’re learning in your internship that you couldn’t learn in a classroom?

I have learned that the action of going door-to-door is something that can never be taught within the classroom. There is never the same scenario; you never know how the homeowner will react or what questions they will ask.

How will this internship experience help you as you move forward in your career?

I have high goals for myself to grow in the marketing field. This position allows me to understand the ground-level, grassroots elements of marketing. With most marketing becoming digital or paper, I wanted to ensure I developed experience with face-to-face marketing before diving deeper into other ways of marketing. This experience will help me be more mindful when I get further into my career, with the understanding that not everyone uses technology and that, for these people, talking to a knowledgeable person is more accessible than homeowners trying to find the information themselves.

Any advice to share with other students considering an internship?

Four pieces of advice I would share with other students considering doing an internship are: 

  • Choose a company that values helping you grow and provides you with all the resources necessary to succeed. 
  • Ask a ton of questions. There are a lot of people who have done internships before and who work at the companies you might be considering. Feel free to ask them about their experiences and to learn more about the company to see if it will help you reach the goals you are trying to pursue. 
  • Try new things because you never know what opportunities might spring from them. 
  • Make sure to give yourself options when looking at internships. There are so many different ones, and you want to avoid putting yourself in a position where you are unhappy. These are learning experiences, and they should be something you enjoy doing!

Why did you decide to study business at the Maine Business School?

After my first year at UMaine, I realized that I had a lot of interest in marketing positions, and I also really enjoyed sports. Thankfully, the Maine Business School has majors for both, and the curriculum lined up well for me to double major in both within the four-year period. Since joining the business school, I have gained incredible learning experiences and met some of the best people. My professors and classmates have always been open to answering my questions and helping me find the resources I need. I have also been lucky enough to be a part of the Research Learning Experience Program, which has been very beneficial in helping students like me apply real-world experience to the classroom.

Hometown: Dover-Foxcroft, Maine
Majors: Marketing & Sport Management
Year of Graduation: 2025
Internship Title: Proximity Marketing Intern