Internship Story: Tholia Hallett at Tyler Tech

Tholia Hallett has always enjoyed working with numbers. The Accounting and Finance student from Falmouth, Maine, knew she wanted to study business. Her summer internship at Tyler Tech gave her a peek at what her future career could look like.

Why did you choose to intern at Tyler Technologies?

Tyler Tech is a great company to work for. They have a unique and interesting business model as a software company solely focused on the public sector. Additionally, they genuinely care about their employees, which is very important to me. I knew that an internship with Tyler would help me advance my skills and knowledge to better prepare me for my career.

What are your internship tasks?

This is my second year at Tyler. The first summer, I worked in the accounts receivable department. I developed a research project to find and address various unapplied cash within the company. After taking more finance classes in my junior year, my interest in corporate finance grew. In one of my check-ins with my manager, I shared this interest, and she was able to connect me with one of the product divisions, the FP&A (financial planning and analysis) team.

This summer, I have split my time between departments. For the FP&A team, I support the analysts by pulling and researching various information. Additionally, I help calculate and analyze different financial trends bi-weekly and monthly. There have also been little projects that require me to research, put together, and analyze different data regarding various financial trends. I continue researching unapplied cash transactions for the accounts receivable team and connect with collections advocates to address these transactions.

What do you like most about your internship experience?

I really enjoy working with the people on my team. Not only is everyone knowledgeable, but they are extremely helpful and genuinely want me to learn as much as possible during my internship.

What are the biggest challenges you face as an intern?

There is so much to learn as a new employee, regardless of the position. I like knowing how things work, so learning about how Tyler operates, the different business units, and multiple products was initially overwhelming. But I have a better understanding now and am still learning new things daily.

What things are you learning during your internship that you couldn’t have learned in the classroom?

The classroom teaches you core concepts about business. In my internship, I can apply these concepts to a real business and use them to better explain and analyze information. My internship has also taught me skills such as networking and teamwork in a business environment. Additionally, I have definitely advanced my Microsoft excel and access skills!

How will your internship experience at Tyler Tech help you move forward in your career?

My internship has been a great introduction to what my future career could be like. I have been able to meet and network with people throughout the country. I have also learned and developed many skills that will help me in the future, regardless of where my career takes me.

Any advice to share with other MBS students considering an internship?

Definitely try and get an internship! Starting a new phase is scary, but an internship is a good stepping stone for your career. You can learn much about the process from applying, interviewing, and ending your internship. So when it comes to finding a job after college, you will have already practiced!

Tholia Hallett, Class of 2023
Hometown: Falmouth, Maine
Majors: Accounting and Finance
Concentration: International Business
Internship Title: Accounting and Finance Intern