Internship Story: Tyler Oliver at MEMIC

Tyler Oliver proves that it’s essential for students to check their email. Thanks to the MBS Career Connector e-newsletter, the finance and marketing double major landed a summer internship at MEMIC. The MBS internship coordinator sends this weekly email newsletter highlighting open internship opportunities in Maine and beyond.

Why did you choose to intern at MEMIC?

During my interview process, the MEMIC employees were very welcoming and enthusiastic. The human resources department was incredibly helpful in giving me a good idea of my internship experience. I learned about many learning opportunities that would take place during my internship, and I was delighted to work in Portland’s Old Port!

What are your tasks as a MEMIC Finance Intern?

My finance internship tasks vary depending on the day. I have been rolling forward loss and premium spreadsheets for upcoming financial calls, converting employee expenses into our new software system, and researching peer companies. I’ve spent time updating ratios of 35 other peer companies to compare MEMIC’s 2021 income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow with the competition.

What do you like most about your internship experience?

I like the ability to learn something new each and every day. The experience of being an intern is beneficial and eye-opening, and I would highly recommend it to other MBS students.

What are the biggest challenges you face as an intern?

Making connections at the start and getting over my fear of asking questions. I learned that asking questions is key, and you are not expected to come into the position knowing everything.

What things are you learning during your internship that you couldn’t have learned in the classroom?

At an internship, you get a good understanding of how the workplace operates. You get to see how the company comes together as a whole. I have learned quite a bit about multiple departments, including underwriting and HR. I also learned how important it is to build connections with others.

How will this internship experience at MEMIC help you as you move forward in your career?

This internship experience will definitely help me move forward in my career. I now have experience under my belt and have learned and developed a variety of new skills. This wouldn’t have been possible without an internship. I can also see the connections I have made with other interns and co-workers will be very helpful in the future.

Any advice to share with other MBS students considering an internship?

It’s well worth your time and I suggest you start applying as soon as possible!

Tyler Oliver, Class of 2023
Hometown: North Berwick, Maine
Majors: Finance and Marketing
Minor: Economics
Internship Title: Finance Intern