UMaine opportunities coupled with internship set Steve Doman '16 up for success

MBS student Steve Doman stayed busy with activities, projects and learning experiences right up until he graduated in December ’16 with a degree in marketing with a concentration in international business and an undergraduate certification in Innovation Engineering.

The Portland, Maine native spent the fall 2015 semester in Torino, Italy participating in an internship in which he helped create digital platforms for a global multi-million-euro family owned business that manufactures automobile parts.

Back on campus during the spring 2016 semester, he co-directed and organized UMaine’s second TEDx put on by the Maine Journal and ASAP Media Services, a student-operated New Media research and development organization.

Last summer, he completed his Innovations Engineering coursework and earned an undergraduate certification in the groundbreaking program that provides a systematic approach to innovation using tools and methods for creating, communicating, and commercializing meaningfully unique ideas.

“I’ve enjoyed my time here,” says Doman, who was a member of Kappa Sigma and of the Maine Business School’s chapter of the American Marketing Association.

“I’m a big believer that you get out what you put in. I graduated with a ton of valuable experience thanks to the Maine Business School.”

What were your duties during the internship in Italy?

I focused my attention on building the company’s LinkedIn and Facebook pages and updating the website. We used a website template generator that allows non-coding experts to easily manage their website content. Now our clients can adjust their website as needed. With globalization on the rise, they have a chance for exponential growth in the next few years.

Thanks to this business project I learned how to interact with older business professionals from another culture and about dealing with that culture’s slower pace. It was an excellent opportunity to develop patience and hone my communication skills.

I also volunteered to teach English to Italian college business students. I had a great time. I love talking to people, especially those with stories different from mine.

What was your role in the TEDxUMaine 2016 talks?

I co-directed and organized the talks which were live presentations given by UMaine students about their experiences, passions and hobbies. I created marketing strategies to find students who wanted to participate, enlisted faculty to judge the presentations, contracted with vendors for catering, assisted group discussions involving the direction of the event and prepared budgets.

The theme for the talks was interconnectedness, or the worldview in which we see relationships and find connections among different groups. We had seven awesome speakers. Their talks can be found on YouTube at the official TEDx Channel. We wanted to have an intimate event so we choose a 100-person venue in the Barrows Hall auditorium. After the presentations, the audience discussed the ideas, experiences and research that the students shared.

Why did you want a certificate in Innovation Engineering?

The IE classes at the Foster Center for Student Innovation complemented my marketing major. Many of the topics and theories we covered were discussed in my business classes. I now have the skills that will help me lead the commercialization of new products, services and technologies.

As part of a fellowship at the Innovation Center, I did market analysis, data research and web development for Lobiloo, an online florist, and Freeport Metrics, which designs and builds business intelligence software and analytic solutions.

How has MBS changed your perspective on life?

I’ve had a lot of great professors here at MBS, but one of my favorites was then executive in residence Paul Myer. His personal selling class introduced me to the concept that we’re all in sales, whether we’re selling products and services or our time and effort.