Bolster will be Senior Associate at State Street in Boston

After completing a summer internship at State Street, an international financial services holding company based in Boston, Katherine Bolster has accepted a full-time job there as a senior associate in the Operational Risk Department.  Bolster, a double major in accounting and finance, was the Maine Business School’s 2015 Outstanding Graduating Student. She is a native of Walpole, Maine.

Praising MBS’ competitive environment, Bolster said the business school attracts students who want to thrive in an atmosphere of academic excellence. “All my professors did whatever they could to help you achieve your goals and be the best you could be,” she said. They helped me realize I have a lot to offer and can do whatever I set my mind to. “As my adviser and teacher, finance professor Richard Borgman was a great resource and a great mentor throughout my entire time here as a student. He brought the internship at State Street to my attention, said I would be a great fit, and encouraged me to go for it. He went above and beyond for all his students because he really believes in us. I’m very grateful to him.”