Clarke works at Tyler Technologies

New MBS graduate Ken Clarke ’15 is part of Tyler Technologies’ Operating Systems and Database Administration Support team, helping schools and municipalities operate the financial software that enables them to fulfill their payroll and accounting duties.  “This is exactly what I want to be doing,” said Clarke, a Litchfield, Maine native, who landed the job while still a senior at MBS. He graduated in May with a degree in management and a concentration in management information systems and began working at Tyler’s Falmouth office in June.

“I am a huge fan of the place where business and technology meet,” he said. “That’s why I enjoyed my MIS classes — they helped me connect the dots between the two. Now that I’m at Tyler Technologies, I’m able to use the skills I learned from assistant professor Matt Graham to help schools and governments manage themselves through technology. It is exciting to be supporting a particular type of software with one mission and hopefully be able to help shape and improve the technology.”

Tyler Technologies is the largest software company in the nation focusing solely on providing integrated software and technology services to the public sector — cities, counties, states and schools. With offices throughout the U.S., Tyler Technologies’ Maine offices are located in Falmouth, Yarmouth and Bangor.  Clarke’s MIS background helped him land his new job, he said. “During my interview with Tyler Technologies last winter, I was asked questions that happened to be directly linked to an MIS class I had taken the prior week. It was cool to be able to answer their questions from the knowledge I had acquired through Professor Graham’s class.”