You did it!
You made it to graduation at the Maine Business School.

It wasn’t easy.
I KNOW it wasn’t easy.
You faced unprecedented challenges on your road to graduation. 
Your hard work and perseverance made all the difference. 

When you started your journey at the University of Maine, who could have known we’d be facing a global pandemic? 

Who could have imagined we’d spend more than a year social distancing.

But you didn’t let this historical moment define you. 
You didn’t let a pandemic get in the way of your goals.
Your dreams.

Many of you made the most of your time at MBS.
You were involved in a student organization.
You managed the growth of SPIFFY’s funds under management to more than four million dollars.
You defended the state championship for the CFA Research Challenge for the second year in a row.
You raised money for nonprofit organizations you felt passionate about.
You consulted Maine businesses, farmers, and nonprofit organizations.
You participated in Bear Treks and completed internships.
You joined the Beta Gamma Sigma National Honor Society.
You worked to recognize diversity and inclusion in MBS and beyond.
You represented UMaine on the court, on the ice, in the pool, and on the field.

And so we celebrate your accomplishments, big and small.
We celebrate your willingness to keep moving forward despite seemingly insurmountable odds. 

We celebrate you.
We’re proud to call you Business Black Bears, and we look forward to hearing about your future success.
Please, stay in touch. We want to hear from you as you create a life beyond UMaine.

You did it.
You made it.
Thank you for being an important part of the Maine Business School.

Go Big. Go Blue. Go Business.