Signage and banners

Umaine signs

There are many types of signage at the UMaine campus. For a list of the different types of signage and how to order, contact Facilities Management (FM).




Roadside banner requirements

  • ­Solid vinyl banner material shall have a minimum weight of 13 ounces per yard.
  • Vinyl mesh banners shall have a minimum 30% open area (70/30) and be made from material that is at least 8 ounces per yard.
  • All edges of the banner shall be folded and double stitched.
  • Brass or steel grommets shall be used.
  • Solid material banners shall contain wind cuts.
  • The maximum size that can be placed in downtown Orono at the banner location is 34” tall x 240” long.
  • Printing Services can assist you with fabricating a compliant banner.

Operationally, the following will apply for banners:

  • The Facilities Management (FM) Electric Shop will hang and remove banners. A work order is required for this service. FM Work Control (581.4400) can assist you with issuing a work order. Please make certain that placement and removal dates are specified in the work order.
  • If a banner is deemed to be unsafe by FM for any reason, it will not be placed.
  • Placement and removal timing of banners is weather dependent for safety.
  • If a banner becomes damaged it will be removed.
  • FM is not responsible for banner damage, theft or loss.

Contact Geremy Chubbuck, associate director of Facilities Management with any questions on banner placement.