Logo guidelines

Logo size

The UMaine logo should not be reduced smaller than 1.25″ wide.

Logo spacing

When you’re using the UMaine logo, make sure you give the logo room. The empty space around the logo should be measured by “x” (the distance between the bottom of the “E” and the bottom of the crest).

UMaine logo spacing

What not to do

Logo on a light background

Do not use the reverse primary logo on a background that is too light. In this instance, the primary logo should be used. 

UMaine logo - bad light background

Logo on dark background

Do not use the primary logo on a background that is too dark. In this instance, the reverse primary logo should be used.

UMaine logo - bad dark background

Reverse logo

Do not use the incorrect reverse logo. In this instance, the white primary logo should be used.

example of the wrong reverse logo

No outline

Do not use the full crest logo on a dark background without the outline crest. In this instance, the reverse primary logo should be used. 

example of bad logo without outline on crest for dark backgrounds

Altering the logo colors

Do not change the logo colors for any reason. Approved logo colors can be found on our Brand Elements page.

UMaine logo - bad logo colors

Stretching the logo

Do not stretch the logo vertically or horizontally in any way. When in your design program, hold the shift key on your keyboard to maintain the proportions of the logo.

example of bad stretching the logo
example of bad stretching the logo

Wrong crest

Do not use the Maine crest with the wordmark. The Maine crest should only be used as a standalone logo when the wordmark is not used. In this instance, either the primary logo or the Maine crest logo (not both) should be used. 

Example of the wrong crest (MAINE) used with the wordmark.

Wrong standalone crest

Do not use the 1865 crest without The University of Maine wordmark. If you wish to use the crest as a standalone mark, use the crest logo with MAINE in place of 1865. In this instance, the Maine crest logo should be used.

Adjusting crest size

Do not adjust the size of the crest in comparison to the wordmark. If you need to reduce the size, the entire logo should be reduced.

Example of a bad crest size in relation to logo text

Crest and wordmark spacing

Do not alter the spacing between the crest and the wordmark. 

UMaine logo, bad distance from wordmark

Pulling the logo apart

Do not remove parts of the logo, such as the sail shapes, and use them to create other graphic elements. 

example of a bad UMaine logo with crest parts moved

Altering the crest

Do not alter the crest in any way by removing elements of the logo and replacing them with your own. 

Example of a bad change on the UMaine crest to be a star

Change the logo text

Do not change the logo text in any way. In this instance, the primary logo should be used.

Example of bad logo font replacement

Unnecessary logo effects

Do not add unnecessary effects to the logo such as drop shadows, bevel, emboss, etc. The logo should be presented in a clear way.

Example of bad drop shadow use with logo

Stacking the logo

Do not stack the logo and crest. In this instance, you can use either the standalone Maine crest logo or the primary logo.

example of wrong stacking of logo
example of wrong stacking the logo on top

Horizontal logo

Do not place the University of Maine wordmark on a single line.

example of poor horizontal Umaine logo
example of wrong horizontal and stacking logo